I’m No James Bond But I Do Have an iPhone

Secret agent

I’ve dazzled dozens of people with my iPhone. Some are impressed that I can use my iPhone to tell them what song is playing on the radio. Others are impressed that I can do Google searches with my voice. And then there are those that are amazed just by watching me slide my finger across the screen to see the weather in different cities using the weather app.

But on a recent trip to Dallas, I dazzled the most unexpected person… myself.

Online Check-in? No Problem

It all started out very routine (well, for me anyway). I had left the hotel and was in a shuttle bus on the way to the airport for my return trip home. I remembered that I hadn’t checked in with the airline yet so I pulled up the airline’s website on my iPhone and proceeded to check-in. I changed my seat selection and completed the check-in.

It was about this time that I remembered the last time I checked in online from home when I printed my boarding passes on my printer. How was I going to print my boarding passes from a moving shuttle?

mobile boarding pass

Then I saw it on the screen. The option to send my boarding pass to my mobile phone. Despite my self-proclaimed techie-ness, I couldn’t make up my mind if I really wanted to select this option. What if it didn’t work?

In the Name of Noobie

After several minutes of thinking it over, I decided in the name of Noobie, I had to choose the mobile boarding pass option. And so I did and seconds later a funky square-shaped bar code showed up on my phone.

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My next thought was to wonder if the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport supported the use of mobile boarding passes. What if I get all the way up to the front of the security line only to have the security person tell me they can’t read a mobile boarding pass?

So I chickened out (only a little and because there was no line at the main terminal for my airline) and I asked one of the airline’s employees if they would be able to read my mobile boarding pass.

The Big Test

“Absolutely” was her reply. I immediately went from apprehension to excitement and almost ran to the security line to try it out.

Let me tell you I’ve never felt more James Bond-ish than I did flashing my mobile boarding pass across the scanner at the front of the security line. I only wish they would have asked me to confirm my name.

I would have replied, “Noobie. Mr. Noobie.”