Just a typical day in the life of a techie

iPhoneHave you ever heard of that contest where they take away all of the electronics from some corporate executive to see if they can make it one week without their Blackberry, laptop, cell phone, etc? Most cave within a day or two. I wouldn’t make it a day.

Take today for example. I started the day by sitting in my recliner with my laptop checking for critical emails and running through the day’s appointments on my Google calendar. I did this until the alarm on my iPhone rang indicating it was time to get my son to the bus stop.

After dropping my son off at the bus stop, I punched the address of my tax accountant into my Nuvi 660 GPS navigation unit and hit the road. Half way to my destination, my Nuvi 660 alerted me to a 32 minute traffic delay and I happily accepted its request to re-route me.

Following my tax appointment, I once again used the Nuvi 660 to get me to a Starbucks where I was meeting a business associate. I arrived a few minutes early so I quickly scanned my visual voice mail on my iPhone, returned a few phone calls and scanned my newly arrived email for any critical emails. I did find one email that was important enough to address immediately so I shot off a quick reply using the touch screen keyboard on my iPhone.

That’s what friend are for

Next up was a networking luncheon where a friend of mine asked if she could borrow my iPhone to get directions to her next appointment. After lunch, my iPhone continued to prove invaluable as I looked up the correct email settings for a Motorola Q smart phone using my iPhone’s built-in Safari web browser.

It wasn’t much longer before my iPhone alarm was once again ringing, this time reminding me to pick up my son from the bus stop. Fortunately for me, my son’s bus was a little late so I had just enough time to catch up on all my Twitter updates.

All in a day’s work I guess.