When to Seek Legal Help: 5 Signs You Should Hire an Accident Attorney

Accident attorney

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Car accidents are costly, and even if you’re not at fault, you may still suffer financial hardships from medical expenses and lost wages. A qualified accident lawyer can help you recover compensation.

A good attorney will only charge you if they recover compensation for you. Read on to learn five signs you should hire an accident attorney immediately.

You’re Not Getting the Compensation You Deserve

Car crashes can cause severe injuries that necessitate long-term medical care and substantial financial losses. An experienced accident attorney can help you calculate your losses and negotiate the best settlement.

Since insurance companies profit from claims settlement, they will take all reasonable steps to avoid doing so. They may ask you for statements, medical verification, or other documentation to limit your compensation. A lawyer will work for you, not the insurance company, and will build a strong case with documented evidence of your costs and losses.

A lawyer can also help you identify all parties liable for your accident, including drivers, vehicle manufacturers, and road maintenance companies. This can increase your settlement value and ensure all expenses are covered.

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You’re Having a Hard Time Dealing With Your Insurance Company

Since insurance companies want to make money, they will only stop at something to avoid paying you the due amount. Their adjusters may appear friendly and reasonable at first. Still, they are specially trained to undermine your claim by asking unfair questions and tricking you into admitting things that can be used against you later in the process.

If your adjuster is trying to lowball you or refuses to pay for your damages, it’s time to hire an attorney. A qualified lawyer will fight aggressively to get the compensation you deserve.

You’re Having a Hard Time Dealing With the Other Party’s Insurance Company

The primary goal of most car insurance companies is to pay out as little as possible in claims. If the other party’s insurance company treats you unfairly, this could be a sign that you need an attorney to help you fight for fair compensation. The insurance company may ask you to give a recorded statement. However, the best advice is to let your lawyer handle this. Often, these adjusters will try to get you to admit partial fault for the crash and downplay your injuries. Giving statements while recovering from your injuries is also not a good idea. People are typically medicated and overwhelmed after a car accident, and issuing statements in this state can lead to misconstruing facts and hurting your case.

When the Other Party’s Insurance Company Contacts You

If the other driver’s insurance company calls you shortly after a crash, they are likely trying to trick you into providing information to minimize their liability. This could include statements about preexisting conditions or questions about your treatment plan and the severity of your injuries. It’s important to let your lawyer handle all communications with the other party’s insurance company. This will ensure that you aren’t giving them any information that can be twisted or misinterpreted to their advantage. In addition, your attorney can help you document all of your medical expenses to demonstrate the full extent of your losses. This can be a crucial piece in obtaining a fair settlement. In addition, your lawyer can also ensure that you are compensated for any lost wages or other damages incurred due to the accident.

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The Insurance Adjuster’s Goal

Although your attorney or a representative from your car insurance company would ideally deal with the other party’s insurance agency, that is only sometimes possible or practical. This means that communicating with them falls on you, which is when it’s important to be extremely careful about what you say.

The insurance adjuster’s goal is to deny your claim or, if they cannot, to settle your case for the lowest amount possible. They will often ask questions that, on the surface, don’t seem related to your accident and use whatever you say against you later. Additionally, they will use a fine-tooth comb to review your previous medical records to find reasons to reject your claim or lower the amount they must pay you. This is another reason to discuss the matter with your lawyer before speaking with an insurance company.