How to Level up Your Marketing Strategies in 10 Easy Steps

Level up your marketing strategies

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Regardless of what industry you’re in, a robust marketing strategy is essential. After all, it doesn’t matter how great your products and services are if nobody is interested in buying them.

Billions of dollars are spent on marketing campaigns daily and a successful strategy will;

  • Raise brand awareness,
  • Define the brand and its products,
  • Increase leads and sales,
  • Boost customer loyalty,
  • Create collaborative connections,
  • Open the door to expansion, 
  • And more.

However, it should be noted that marketing is an ever-evolving sector. New tech, changing client expectations, and increased competition dictate that you must be ready to adapt at any given time. Here are 10 ways you can do it in style.

#1. Know Your Audience

Most businesses want to reach the largest audience that they possibly can. However, this should not trick you into trying to please every demographic. The harsh reality is that many consumers (or B2B buyers) won’t be interested. Therefore, finding and understanding your place in the market should be a priority.

Once you know your place, you can build a target consumer profile. Thanks to modern target marketing automation, it is possible to subsequently ensure that ads are only seen by the right people. This will reduce waste while it also encourages you to develop campaigns that resonate with your audience. Frankly, the responses of outsiders are irrelevant.

Knowing your audience also allows you to build a company that operates in a way that they will love. If your customers are committed to living a greener life, adopting eco-friendly operations can become a part of your brand ethos.

#2. Incorporate Sales As a Part of Your Strategy

When thinking about marketing, it is easy to get swept up in ad campaigns alone. In reality, though, you need to consider the entire process that leads a customer to the point of conversion and beyond. As such, sales tactics should remain central to your thinking when building your marketing strategy.

The consumer experience has a huge influence on whether a person will make a purchase. Modern clients have higher expectations but are happy to pay more when brands meet them. As such. an appreciation of emotional intelligence and human behavior is key. It can send conversion rates and revenue through the roof. Without it, even effective ads may fall short.

When marketing and sales are united, it creates a streamlined path to conversion. This gives prospective customers fewer opportunities to back out. For the best results, you must actively listen to clients so that products and services can be tailored to their needs. 

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#3. Get Appy

One of the most important steps towards building stronger marketing strategies relates to keeping them up to date. Therefore, it’s imperative that you understand the latest trends and consumer habits. Above all else, you must know how and where they interact with brands like yours. Otherwise, your ads and content will go unnoticed.

The average person now spends over three hours on their smartphone each day. Working with professional app developers to build an app for your business can make all the difference. The convenience of making purchases or learning more about the brand with one tap of the screen gives you an edge over the competition.

Even when consumers aren’t using the app, it sits on their home screen. This means that they will see your branded app logo several times per day. In turn, your company will remain fresh in their minds. So, when they do need a product like yours, they’ll turn to you.

#4. Let People Find You

Building brand awareness is deemed by many marketers to be the most important phase of the entire strategy. Therefore, it’s vital that you regularly use ads to get your business seen in the crowded marketplace. However, if the person is not in the active buying mood, it’s unlikely that they will make a purchase at this time.

So, you also need to know that your company can be found when they are actively in the buying mode. Given that the vast majority of users will turn to search engines like Google, search engine optimization is essential. This should cover ranking on the first page of the SERPs for various keywords related to your products and services.

It’s not only important that they see your website, though. You should also ensure that contact details are easily found on search engines as well as on your website. If you have a physical store, local SEO will boost your foot traffic too.

#5. Embrace Help From Current Customers

Startups will not have an existing audience to lean on. However, if your business has an established customer base, this can become your greatest asset. Firstly, it will provide valuable insights about what products people love. But they have many friends who fall into your target market. This can also extend to their social media followers.

An affiliate scheme will encourage them to bring new customers through the door in return for a commission. It is one of the most cost-effective strategies and also allows you to reach people that your in-house campaigns are failing to hit. As well as affiliate schemes, social sharing can grow brand awareness. So, creating viral content will serve you well.

Another top way to leverage success from your existing clients is to gain testimonials. Most consumers will now read them while positive reviews also boost your SEO ranking. It legitimizes your business and generates trust.

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#6. Follow the Data

Marketing can feel difficult when you are left second-guessing what consumers want. Thankfully, we are living in an age where you can remove the ambiguity. Data analytics allow us to make calculated decisions at every step of the journey. It will clear up all questions regarding who your customer is, what they respond to, and which campaigns work.

Data analytics can show everything from which sales funnels produce clicks to the average cost per acquisition. Furthermore, you could introduce A/B testing to try out two ideas and work out what works best. In turn, you can abandon any campaigns that are not working while also putting more time and money into those that do. 

Following the data allows you to shift away from the marketing ads that you think people love to campaigns that they respond to. When combined with the fact it removes your sense of doubt, it is one of the best ways to level up your approach.

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#7. Place Greater Focus On Returning Customers

It is only natural that you will try to increase your customer base by reaching new audiences. When looking for sustained success, though, you must go the extra mile to ensure clients come back for more. Someone who makes a monthly purchase of a product is worth as much as 12 new clients that buy it. Achieving the former is far easier and cheaper.

Besides, when consumers can see that you have loyal customers, it inspires greater levels of trust. To retain your customers, you need to make them feel valued. Loyalty schemes are ideal as they encourage increased spending. Sending special promotions on their birthday or sending them discontinued items for free can work too. It’s better than throwing them away.

When you have loyal customers, you’ll also gain the opportunity to upsell products by using data based on their historic purchases. As well as existing clients, you can use cart abandonment triggers to contact leads that have not yet completed the purchase.

#8. Don’t Ignore Offline Campaigns

In today’s climate, it is impossible to ignore the need for digital marketing. Even offline stores need to interact with their customers in this way. Having said that, offline marketing is not dead. It still has a telling influence on consumer habits. And because many companies ignore it, you will have a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Offline campaigns can cover posters, shop signs, telesales, radio ads, and door-to-door sales. Meanwhile, hosting a promotional day can build excitement in the local community. It also gives you a chance to place a focus on trying to sell a particular product. You may also gain press coverage, which will give you a further boost.

Of course, it is still a good way to boost overall brand visibility too. Moreover, by running timed promotions, you force customers to make a decision. It won’t always go your way. When it does, though, you will gain very fast conversions.

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#9. Send Some Emails

Offline campaigns aren’t the only long-standing campaign type that has been overlooked in recent years. Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital advertising. However, even in 2023, it continues to deliver some of the best ROIs. But only if you use a modern approach that captures the attention, inspires trust, and points recipients in the right direction.

Using a dedicated email marketing platform allows you to design attractive emails in no time. When combined with compelling titles, your open rates should increase. You can even set automated email marketing streams so that it takes them on a path. By the end, your call-to-action will hopefully lead to a sale.

Even if you have a relatively low conversion rate, it is a cost-effective approach. When people have signed up to receive notifications, though, it’s very likely that you will see pleasing results. It should not take too much time either. 

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#10. Be Unique

Finally, you are your greatest unique selling point. So, you must not let it go to waste. Showing your personality through your ad campaigns and consumer interactions will make you stand out from the crowd. Over time, it should help you develop stronger customer relationships. Not least because an authentic voice will influence their decisions.