7 Benefits Of The LG Smart Watch

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With the LG smart watch, it has now taken innovations in technology one step higher. This is not the only option though for smart watches introduced in the market with the previously released Apple Watch. The LG smart watch is also just among the many smart watches released by major companies. If you’re wondering whether the LG smart watches price is worth your money or not, you can check out its benefits below.

LG Smart Watch: 7 Benefits to Watch Out For

1. It Is Compatible With Android Gear

This is one common feature smart watches get to offer to most Android users. It allows you to sync it with your Android phone and multitask from receiving and sending messages to the set of notifications and a whole lot more. There are some LG smart watch models which work with iPhone though, but this will depend on the version of the watch and phone’s OS.

2. Voice Commands Are Enabled


The LG smart watch is similar to how smart devices work with Google assistants. You can ask your smart watch questions about the weather report, the traffic situation, or your estimated travel time then the smart watch will quickly provide you the answers.

3. Great Compact Design

Its compact design makes it compatible with your casual, office, or gym attire. Also, you don’t have to worry about wearing a gadget on your wrist which is bulky with its very light and sleek look. If you’re aiming for both functionality and style, you can achieve it with the LG smart watch. The newer models also come with a bigger screen making it easier to view messages and apps.

4. It Is Dust And Water Resistant

The LG smart watch is waterproof making it perfect to use in all weather conditions. Its dustproof feature also makes it suitable to wear when you’re visiting countries which are dry and arid. Basically, this smart watch can withstand any rough weather condition.

5. Easy Access To Information


There’s no need to use both hands to check your messages or surf the net. No need to rummage your bag or pocket even to reply to a message you received or answer a call. Though it may be categorized as an accessory, it still is one accessory with lots of uses. Users can also check out the Smart Reply feature on some LG smart watches. These are options you can choose from when it comes to message replies which are contextually relevant.

6. Integration With Play Store

It has the new Google operating system allowing a faster performance. Plus, the integration of Play Store makes it easier to search and download apps. The download time though will still vary on the size of the app you’re downloading.

7. Better Navigation With Rotating Dial

You can press or rotate this dial if you want to navigate through several functions within the device. Aside from that, there is also an easier scrolling feature with the new operating system. This new scroll feature allows you to quickly browse through your notifications without having to swipe several times.


The benefits of LG smart watch may vary depending on every user’s preferences. Also, there are different designs and styles of LG smart watches to choose from such as the LG Smartwatch Style and the LG Smartwatch Sport. You can choose from this set of options the specifications which will suit your needs and lifestyle or check out the latest LG smartwatch review. The market will continue to produce better smart watches in the future in terms of usability and design. Among those features, users can look forward to a longer battery life and a larger storage capacity.

What other benefits of an LG smart watch can you share? Please leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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