Look what you’ve done! I’m melting! Melting!

When I first started testing Android phones, a friend of mine cautioned me to turn the live wallpapers off because the constant video updating causes the battery to drain faster. This made a lot of sense to me so I heeded his advice.

But then I stumbled across the Power Puddle app. Yes, it’s technically a live wallpaper but not the kind you may be used to. Instead of showing all kinds of things floating around on your screen to keep your eyes busy, it just shows the little Android alien guy.

He doesn’t move. He doesn’t dance. He doesn’t do much of anything. Except melt.

Power Puddle app for Android

That’s right. He melts. All the way down to a big gooey puddle. Sound silly? It’s not. Because the Android guy melts to reflect the amount of battery you have remaining. In other words, as your battery decreases so does the Android guy.

Oh sure, I could just look at the default battery indicator but this is so much more fun. And because nothing is moving around on the screen, the live wallpaper barely affects my battery at all.

Well, that is except for quickly showing me how much battery I have remaining.

You can get the Power Puddle app for free in the Amazon Appstore for Android.