3 Benefits of Using Mobile Faxing Apps

Mobile faxing apps

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Despite newer technology and solutions being available, the main reason traditional faxing remains relevant today is due to its inherent and ongoing functionality. However, using a fax machine isn’t a necessity for modern-day document transmission. 

In fact, as an alternative to those clunky pieces of equipment, businesses are opting for online faxing systems or even mobile faxing apps. Both have been a game changer for many businesses and organizations alike. In this article, we’ll cover the benefits of using mobile faxing apps.

What are Mobile Faxing Apps?

These software applications can be installed on smartphones or tablets to help with the online transmission of documents. As such, it’s like having a mini fax machine in your pocket or bag with all the benefits of having the ability to view, send, and edit documents—but without the cost and hassle of a clunky machine.

3 Benefits of Mobile Faxing Apps

Here are some of the reasons why a free fax app through service providers like MyFax offers innovative solutions to modern-day document transmission and are taking over the faxing industry.

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1. Great for Remote Work

The remote work economy is based around the “work-from-anywhere” culture, attempting to eliminate the constraints of physical offices and bulky machines. Mobile faxing apps greatly simplify the communication aspect of this culture by making it possible to receive a fax regardless of time and location. Now, there’s no need to go into the office every week to sift through stacks of faxes. Instead, you can receive faxes directly on your smartphone, send faxes, and even sign documents on these apps. Indeed, you can truly work from anywhere.

2. Saves Costs

A fax machine requires ongoing maintenance and must be regularly serviced to ensure it’s in good working order. Of course, using a fax machine means consuming electricity. You will also have to buy paper and ink with which to print your messages. And these messages will at some point accumulate and add to your storage costs.

Using a mobile faxing app means these costs are eliminated; all you need is your smartphone and an Internet connection. Some fax apps also integrate with other apps to simplify document sharing, saving you time and reducing the effort of sharing physical documents. And both time and effort are worth just as much as money in business.

3. Protects the Environment

By using mobile fax apps, you’re also contributing in no small way to protecting the environment. Excess use of paper and ink, while invaluable for workplace correspondence and other facets of business and life, also increases our carbon footprint—especially when not properly disposed of.

Using mobile faxing apps eliminates even the chance of improper disposal. With integrations with document-sharing apps and features like digital document signing, you never have to print another fax again. Additionally, showing customers that you’re a good steward of the environment creates greater brand recognition and loyalty.


Upgrading Your Faxing System with Mobile Faxing Apps

Mobile faxing apps are the ultimate faxing hack, greatly simplifying how your organization receives and sends faxes. With these apps in place, your faxing strategy steps to the next level, and your business correspondence improves significantly.