Money Saving Apps For Teens And Young Adults

Money Saving Apps For Teens And Young AdultsChristmas is around the corner and it is a time where money can easily come and go. Teens and young adults should learn how to save and budget their money, especially if they’re getting cash gifts or plan on giving this season! Here are some money saving apps your teen should download to make the most out of their penny!

Money Saving Apps For Teens And Young Adults

1. Monzo

Monzo | money saving apps

Giving your teens a prepaid card tied to a budgeting app can help them learn a thing or two about saving! Monzo will help your teens track where they spend their money, so it doesn’t all disappear in one place.

2. Shopkick

Although most things life is not free, you can work towards them by earning points. Your teens can use the app to shop but more importantly to earn points by buying, going to brick-and-mortar stores, and referring their friends to download the app.

3. RetailMeNot

Gift cards and coupons never go out of style. RetailMeNot puts hundreds of hundreds of coupons into this bite-sized app! Your teenager can use it and get discounts at specific stores.

4. SnipSnap

SnipSnap | money saving apps

Are your children coupon hunters already? Get them to download SnipSnap. The app converts print coupons into digital ones after they take a picture of the stub.

5. Groupon

Everything comes to you 30% or 40% off the price if you know how to shop for the deals. Your teens will know how to do Christmas reasonably if they buy deals on the Groupon app.

6. Amazon Local

Did you and your kids miss out on Black Friday? Sometimes companies in your area sell items for a steal even when it’s not sale season. The best way to get your children to take advantage of these windows of opportunity is to use the Amazon Local app to buy items as low as 75% off the original price. They’ll undoubtedly be getting a lot more out of their frugal Christmas budget.

7. Viggle

Viggle | money saving apps

Do your teens love to binge watch TV? If it’s a yes, then you’ll be glad to know they can help us Viggle to earn reward points. The app will ask them to check in when they’re watching a show to get points for major chains like Barnes and Noble and Starbucks.

8. GasBuddy

Don’t let your teens spend all their money on gas. GasBuddy shows up-to-date information on the lowest gas prices in your area. This is perfect to stretch their Christmas savings if they love driving around.

9. Campus Special

If your teens are already in college, Campus Special will show them the latest deals out there for meals. Just because they’re saving doesn’t mean they should skimp on nutrition right?

10. GameFly

GameFly | money saving apps

Do your teens love video games? Teach them how to save money and avoid seeing all that cash go down the drain in one place, get them to download Gamefly. Gamefly will allow them to play games without the need for expensive gaming devices.

11. Appsfire

When your children spend time on their phones a lot, point them toward Appsfire so they can save up some money. Apps can put a dent in a teen’s wallet, but thankfully Appsfire shows them some deals so they can save a few dollars more.

12. PayFriendz

Teens can be communal in their spending. They love chipping in for that pizza or holiday gifts for a common friend. Imagine how awkward it is for them to ask money they are owed. Good thing there’s PayFriendz for them to send and receive money in a FUN way.

13. Idealo

Idealo | money saving apps

One of the best lessons to teach your teens about saving is to avoid buying on impulse. When they are itching to buy something, have the key to the product on Idealo to find out what store sells it the lowest. They’ll undoubtedly get Christmas gifts on a budget if they look for them in the app.

14. Trainline

When your children travel home and back to their dorms, you can help them save some money on the fare by introducing them to Trainline. Trainline gives you information on the cheapest tickets at any given time. Who says train tickets have to bulldoze your child’s budget?

15. MusicMagpie

Sometimes your girls and boys will have the odd music and game CD lying around from past Christmases. One of the best lessons they’ll learn is not just to save money but profit off their pre-loved items. MusicMagpie is a platform which allows them to sell their old stuff online.

These money saving apps are a great way to teach your teens how to save money! This shouldn’t be a chore with these money saving apps. Best of all, you’ll be able to show them many ways to save from limiting their spending, tracking the items they buy, and finding deals and discounts. With this holiday season, and you’ll be giving the best gifts: knowing the value of a dollar and saving up for a rainy day.

Which of these money saving apps is your favorite? Comment down below!

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