Most recent purchase first to suffer from Daylight Savings Time change

Daylight Savings Time took effect last Saturday night, three weeks earlier than normal. There was a lot of press over this change and how it would affect technology-related devices such as computers that were pre-programmed to change their clock based on the previous schedule. Some even went as far as to compare the change to Y2K.

Do you want to know what I did to prepare for this big change? Absolutely nothing. On Sunday morning I woke up and checked my desktop computer. The time had changed without a glitch. Same with my laptop. Next up was my digital video recorder (DVR). Passed with flying colors. Even my appointments in my Google calendar listed the same start time as they did the day before.

So I went about my morning and manually changed the clocks in my house, pushing them an hour ahead to match what had already been done automatically on all of my techie stuff. Then I called it a day, satisfied the new Daylight Savings Time schedule hadn’t affected me in the slightest.
Garmin nuvi 660
Then it happened. While running through my usual routine this morning to prepare for a 1-on-1 Noobie coaching session, I fired up my newest toy, my Garmin Nuvi 660 GPS system. I programmed in the address where I was headed and the Nuvi 660 instantly went to work calculating my route and estimated time of arrival.
That’s when I noticed it. I was estimated to arrive 35 minutes before I left. I couldn’t believe it. Of all the techie devices I own, the one I purchased most recently is the one that didn’t pick up the new Daylight Savings Time schedule.

To Garmin’s credit, however, a quick visit to the Garmin web site revealed a software update for my GPS. I downloaded the software, plugged my GPS into my laptop and moments later, all was well again. As a bonus, I even got some really cool, new traffic features and a couple of new voices for my GPS.

So I am back to thinking that the Daylight Savings Time change really did have very little effect on me. Of course the week is still young.