I was on NBC Nightly News!

NBC Nightly News interview with Patric Welch

Link to full video: Google Partners With Harvard, Mayo Clinic for Symptom Search Feature

I’ve been fortunate over the years to be featured on a couple of local television stations, but never have I been on the national news. That all changed on Saturday, June 25 when NBC Nightly News ran a segment about Google partnering with Harvard and the Mayo Clinic to improve Google search results for medical symptoms.

The end of the segment highlighted an interview with me reflecting on how I used OK Google to look up symptoms in the middle of my own heart attack a little over seven months ago.

Long interview, short segment

The interview took place the day before in my house. Here’s a shot of the setup:

NBC Nightly News reporter and camera crew at my house

The reporter and camera guy were at my house for a total of about two hours. This included setup time, the interview and a bunch of shots with my family and me doing various fun activities around the house. They even got a shot of me with my dog, Fifa, which made it into the final video. All said and done, less than 60 seconds of the raw video was used, but I’ll take it!

Interesting side note: A few of the shots you see of someone’s hands swiping a smartphone are my hands and the smartphone is my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

I wish I had a better reason to get on the national news than using Google during a heart attack but heck, if my story and stories like this on NBC Nightly News help even one person prevent a heart attack or get the help they need during a heart attack, then it is all worth it.

Here’s a link to the final video if you missed it: Google Partners With Harvard, Mayo Clinic for Symptom Search Feature Not sure how long they will keep this video online so watch it while you can!