Netflix on TiVO is here! Netflix on TiVo is here!

I’ve been waiting patiently ever since the announcement just over one month ago. Netflix on TiVo has arrived! Today, this email was waiting in my inbox:

Netflix on TiVo

As soon as I received the email, I ran into my living room and turned on the TiVo. Sure enough, there was a new featured item boasting the new Netflix on TiVo feature. I immediately selected it and was presented with options depending on whether or not I was already a Netflix customer.

Since I am a Netflix customer, I selected that option and a new screen appeared with a giant four character code. Instructions told me to go to to enter the code. I went back to my computer, went to that web site address, entered the code and seconds later received a confirmation that everything was now configured properly.

When I went back to my TiVo, the movies in my Instant Watch Netflix queue were already displaying on the screen. Wow!

Passed the “two-year-old could do this” test

Other technology companies of the world, listen to me very carefully. This was the easiest registration process I have ever experienced. You all could learn from Netflix and TiVo on this one.

From here on out the process will work like this. When I want to instant watch a movie from the Netflix collection, I go to the Netflix web site on my computer, find a movie and add it to my Instant Watch queue. Then I go back to my TiVo, click the Video on Demand option, select Netflix and the movie I just added to my queue will be displayed on the screen.

From there, I just highlight and select the movie title with my remote and the movie will start playing within a few seconds.

Well done, Netflix and TiVo!