New Amazon Phone In The Works Called Ice Phone

New Amazon Phone In The Works Called Ice Phone | Amazon phone dealsWill the new Amazon phone do better than the company’s previously released Fire Phone? Latest reports suggest that the new device, the Ice Phone, will target a more massive target market by making it more affordable. Read more about the Ice Phone from Forbes below.

New Amazon Phone Coming Soon, Will Ice Phone Work? | New Amazon Phone In The Works Called Ice Phone | Amazon phone deals

New Amazon Phone Coming Soon, Will Ice Phone Work?

Amazon might announce a new phone, the name will be the exact opposite of the Fire Phone. So when will we see an Ice Phone and is it actually a good idea?

Amazon, you will probably remember, tried its hand at a mobile phone before. The Fire Phone was not a success either critically or financially. Why? Because it didn’t really offer much of value for most users. It might sound weird to say, but Amazon isn’t the same company as it was when it released the Fire Phone.

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Several reviews dubbed the Fire Phone a failure after it was released in 2014. The biggest problem was that it didn’t have any Google apps that have become essential to Android users. With the new Amazon phone rumored to come out later this year, will it save the company’s mobile phone venture?

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Will The New Amazon Phone Be Better Than The Fire Phone?

Android Authority also reported that the new range of smartphones will come with the full Google suite of apps such as Gmail, Hangouts and Google Play. The Fire Phone does not have these features. Forbes also suggests that Alexa, the Amazon digital planner, will be added to the Ice Phones making it more desirable than its predecessor.

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Sets Sight On Larger Demographic with Lower Price

Despite the poor reviews that the Fire Phone received in 2014, it seems that the technological giant isn’t giving up on smartphones just yet. And according to reports, the new range will be affordable to roughly 80% of customers. Will this new Amazon phone turn sales around?

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Will the new Amazon phone, the Ice Phone, be better than Fire Phone? Hopefully, the American tech company picked up all the reviews of the Fire Phone and adapt the changes needed on the new line. Will you risk trying the Ice Phone? Sound off in the comments section below!
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