New Job? Top Tips for Looking More Professional

Looking more professional

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Looking and acting professionally in the workplace is the expectation rather than something that’s brand new. Results always count at work, but the way that you look does count for something. So, you are more likely to get promoted if you are constantly exuding a professional appearance. What’s professional to one business may not be professional to another, but if you have consistent habits and mannerisms that make you come across as a professional and you dress the part as well, then you are more likely to have opportunities afforded to you.

Professionalism isn’t just how you dress, but how you act in the workplace. Unfortunately, appearances do seem to matter, which means that everything that you choose to do about your appearance is going to count against a tally of professionalism in your boss’s mind If you are rocking a mullet in the workplace you are likely not going to be taken as seriously as somebody who has something more ‘serious’.

Women who exude professionalism are those who have already looked into the best 2c haircut ideas to choose a style that makes their mane look stunning and smart. There is nothing wrong with rocking a Beautiful Afro in the workplace if that’s your natural hair but you need to ensure that whatever you are rocking in terms of hairstyle, your demeanor is professional no matter what. Looking professional at work is going to give you the confidence that you need to ask for the promotion that you want, but it’s also going to boost the confidence that others have in you.

They will trust you to carry out whatever jobs that you have been entrusted with, and somebody wearing jeans and a singlet is less likely to be trusted to do so than somebody wearing a power suit. Let’s take a look at some of the best tips you need for looking more professional at work.

Dress Attire

Consider your dress attire. It’s a bit different if you’re working from home because you can wear what you want and not have to worry about it. However, if you are commuting to the workplace and you’re spending time in meetings and an office setting, you have to think about what you are wearing and consider that dressing smartly should be the go-to for the workplace. Not only do you get to separate your work attire from your home attire, but you don’t have to look glamorous or like a fashion icon to come across as professional.

Looking the part usually means dressing similarly to how you imagine a boss would dress. You want to get where they are and where the people in senior positions are, and it’s important to be well-dressed while you do so. What you are wearing reflects the company’s culture and the company’s brand. So if you are in a workplace that values casual clothing, then go for it. But if you are in a workplace that takes people seriously and prefers business attire, then it’s time to go shopping.

Phone Mannerisms

Consider your mannerisms when you answer the phone. The way that you speak goes a long way to the way that you look professional. Phone etiquette is a big part of this and the initial contact that you might have with a client, with your colleagues, or with anybody on the phone such as a supplier can make a big difference as to whether they want to continue talking to you on the phone.

If your boss calls you up to discuss something, you want to know that they take your polite tone through the phone and they know that you mean business. The first words that you utter when you answer the phone do convey a lot, so the initial contact that you give to somebody will determine whether or not you look professional.


Make sure that you are punctual. If you want to look professional in an office setting then you need to show up on time every time for meetings and your working day. You can’t often help it if you are late because usually, it’s to do with broken down public transport or a nightmare of a commute where there’s been traffic backing up for miles. However, being punctual is easy to do if you know that you’re living in a high-traffic area or somewhere that is not reliable for public transport. It just takes careful planning. 


Be organized. Good organization goes hand in hand with a professional outlook. If you have the right systems in place to get things done, you’re going to look very professional because you will be a swan on the top of the lake rather than the feet that kick wildly under the water.

If there is something that you don’t know how to do, or there’s a system or software you don’t know how to use, then being organized enough to get training on that is important. Never allow a lack of knowledge to prevent you from looking professional. Being well organized will help you to improve your productivity over time and it will ensure that you are a more efficient person. This will allow you to appear more professional, more competent, and better able to do your job.

Organization and reliability


Ensure that people can rely on you. When it comes to looking professional, you need to be reliable and you need to start to look less crazy, less bubbly, and less volatile than your usual personality. You don’t want to be considered somebody controversial in the office.

A professional is somebody dependable, and because you are reliable, everybody knows that they can lean on you and trust you to follow through with your words. If you’re consistent with your work in both your outcome and your style, you’ll be able to maintain your reliability. It will mean that you are somebody who could be called upon to help during difficult situations.


Be clear in your communication. If you want to be seen as somebody who’s highly professional, then you need to make sure that you are communicating with your coworkers effectively. If you’re constantly interacting with people, the clearer it will be that you can communicate and able to communicate very well. It all starts with being a great listener, so make sure that you are discussing workplace issues and problems with the right people. You want to be able to communicate properly in a natural way that others can easily follow.


Project as much confidence as possible. You can look confident even if you don’t feel confident on the inside, it takes faking it until you make it. They want somebody who feels confident in their ability to do their job and they can do it autonomously without needing to ask 1000 questions. Of course, you’re always going to have questions when you first start a new business, but if you can pick up things quickly and take feedback with grace, you’re going to be seen as a professional team player. That’s exactly what you should want to be seen as, especially when you are new to the work.


Ensure that you are accountable. If you want to look professional then you need to get into a habit of being accountable for the work. You should always accept responsibility for getting things done and if any problems arise, take action. Avoiding accountability that does come with the job is going to make you look more unprofessional than anything else.