New Twitter Feature Will Make User Interaction Better

New Twitter Feature Will Make User Interaction Better | twitter create accountThe new Twitter feature will allow businesses to connect with their customers better. Like Facebook and Instagram’s latest Click to Messenger ads update, Twitter will include more button options in direct messages to enhance user interactions. Read more about this new development from Tech Crunch below.

New Twitter Feature Will Improve Business Marketing? | New Twitter Feature Will Make User Interaction Better | twitter create account

New Twitter Feature Will Improve Business Marketing?

Twitter today is rolling out a new feature that will allow businesses to prompt their followers to take an action beyond a simple fav or retweet. The company is introducing the ability for businesses to add buttons inside their direct message conversations designed to encourage customers to do things like tweet about the company’s Twitter bot, visit their website, follow the business’s Twitter account, or start a chat with another account the business runs, among other things.

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On top of being one of the leading social media marketing tools on the Internet, this new Twitter feature increases a business’ ability to interact with more people. Costumers can go straight to the main website or follow the business’ Twitter account straight from the message.

Stretching the 8-Second Attention Span

Time previously reported that a person’s attention span now only ranges from 8 – 12 seconds thanks to modernization and the Internet. Furthermore, the study, done by Microsoft Corp., revealed that Internet users are “more easily distracted by multiple streams of media.”

The new Twitter feature works around this hurdle by putting everything a potential customer needs in one screen. Of course, you also need to make sure the content you post attracts your target audience. 

Social Media to Improve Marketing Efforts

Businesses have been successfully using social media to increase sales and reach a larger audience. The new Twitter feature helps raise social media’s marketing effectivity by making user interactions easier.

You can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn for both business and personal purposes. You should also be aware of updates to get the most out of them. Not too well-versed with the social media world? Look for tutorials, guides and tips to better understand them!

Learn how to get the best out of Twitter and other social media sites for your business with this video.

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