Next time scan the barcode not the cup please

A few weeks ago the parents on my kids’ soccer team pitched in and bought me a Starbucks gift card as a thank you for coaching the team.

Not only did I love the gift but I couldn’t wait to load the Starbucks card into the Starbucks mobile app on my iPhone so I could buy my first Starbucks coffee using only my iPhone for payment.

There were a few steps I had to take to be ready to do this. First, I had to enter the number on my physical Starbucks card into the mobile app on my iPhone.

Starbucks Mobile Card app Add Card

Then, verify the correct amount.

Starbucks Mobile Card app My Cards

And finally, the last step was to physically use the app to purchase a Starbucks coffee. I did this with the help of my 8-year-old son who helped me capture the entire experience on my Flip video camcorder.

Before you watch the video I feel compelled to say a few more words. For starters, I thought this would be a slam dunk experience. It wasn’t. Mainly because the Starbucks employee thought she was supposed to scan the cool little spinning cup that appears on the iPhone just below the barcode.

Despite my effort (you’ll hear it on the video) to tell her that I thought the barcode needed to be scanned, not the spinning cup, she persisted at trying to scan the cup. Only by chance did she happen to eventually get the barcode (and she still thinks she is supposed to scan the cup).

Starbucks Mobile Card app Scan Now

For the record, I later verified with another Starbucks employee that it is indeed the barcode that should be scanned. Ok, maybe I did that just to rub it in that I was right but hey, I’m only human!

Anyway, here’s the resulting video. Hope you enjoy it!

If you can not see the embedded video above, please use the following link: First attempt buying a Starbucks using the new mobile iPhone app

NOTE: If you figured out that I was actually in a Starbucks outlet in a Target store and not in a standalone Starbucks it’s because the Starbucks Mobile Card app currently only works in Starbucks stores inside Target.