Next time you have to call technical support, call your own techie first

I’ve had clients pay for me to call technical support on their behalf. That may sound a little odd but let’s dig a little deeper to see the reasons someone might do this:

  • Technical support people always start at square one. Often, I’ve already tried the first 4 or 5 things the technical support person asks you to try. And I have no problem telling them, “I’ve already done that.” A huge time savings.
  • I don’t need step by step, click by click instructions. Once I have identified myself as a techie, the person on the other end of the line usually feels comfortable saying things like, “Open the Device Manager” or “Let’s look in the registry.” How would you fare with those statements? Once again, the time savings add up quickly.
  • I’m not afraid to call BS. I once called Dell to order a replacement cooling fan and the technical support person asked me when my problem started occurring. I told her yesterday and she told me she needed me to initiate a system restore on my computer to the state it was in 2 days earlier. I told her that was ridiculous as no system restore in the world was going to make my cooling fan suddenly start working again. How many noobies would have blindly followed her instructions?
  • I don’t like spending a lot of time on the phone. Talk to people who work for technical support and they will tell you that they actually love noobies. The longer they spend on the phone with you, the fewer other problems they have to solve that day. I’m not nearly as patient and make sure both sides stay focused and don’t waste anyone’s time. That’s good news for your long distance bill or monthly allotment of cell phone minutes.

I could mention a few more reasons but I think you get the idea. So the next time you are dreading spending 2-3 hours on the phone with a technical support person, consider calling in your own techie to help. Think of what you could do with those extra few hours.