Noobie making the world a better place

I took my kids to Chick-fil-A tonight to participate in spirit night for their school. After taking our order, the young woman behind the counter pointed to my shirt and asked, “I’m intrigued, what does ‘are yoo a noobie?’ mean?”

After I explained to her what a noobie is and what I do for a living, she responded with, “That’s so cool!”. She then paused for a few seconds and cheerfully declared, “You could help my mom!”

I went on to explain to the woman that people referring their mothers to me is actually quite typical. But what wasn’t typical was what she said next.

“Yeah, because my mom doesn’t pay me!”

I guess I never thought of Noobie as helping to reduce child labor problems. I sat down and ate my chicken sandwich with a smile on my face comforted by the fact that I am now making the world a better place.