PDFs made easy

I had lunch today with a friend and neighbor of mine. The topic of PDFs (portable document format) came up and she was telling me that she has not been able to figure out how to create PDFs from her Word documents. She mentioned that she thought she needed to purchase Adobe Acrobat but was hesistant to do so because it cost so much money.

As I explained to her an alternative (and free) solution, it occurred to me that there may be many others that could use this tip so here goes. Head on over to the Primo PDF web site. Primo PDF is a free PDF creator that actually installs as a printer on your computer. Because it acts like a printer you can basically create a PDF from any Windows application that can print.

Once installed, just fire up your Word document, click Print and choose the Primo PDF printer. Once you click Print a dialog will appear asking you for the file name for the PDF along with some other optional parameters. Fill out the information and voila, you have yourself a PDF version of your document.