How to Craft the Perfect Technical Resume

Technical resume

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Tech recruiters are focused on three things when they look at a fat stack of resumes coming into their inbox. They are looking for the quality of the applicant, the speed of hiring/joining, and the cost of hiring. Fitting into their view of the world means no matter how impressive your career is as a developer, analyst, digital guru, or data boffin, your resume needs to be easy to digest and filter out the key points that appeal to them.

For most firms, talent acquisition is now a key part of the HR process. Recruiters use an array of established tools and new technology to craft specifically worded adverts to attract the right candidates.

They may also use AI to scan resumes and even chatbots to conduct first interviews, and while all applicants may have plenty of valid experience, there will be one or two factors that weigh in the favor of leading candidates.

Understanding this, and creating a technical resume that meets the needs of recruiters is just as much a part of getting that dream technical role, as is gaining all the skills and experience that got you this far. 

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Even strongly-skilled professionals can have trouble crafting a great resume or CV, but there are tools available that can take much of the stress out of the process, making it easier to focus on the technical details and deliver the best resume to get a dream tech role.

And it will need to be good as recruiters are increasingly turning to AI and analytics to check resumes for details and gaps. And with the race to hire great talent hotting up, your resume has to stand up to scrutiny.

How to Use Resume Builder for a Perfect Technical Resume

There are a lot of recruitment websites that will give you hundreds of tips for making your technical achievements read well, but the Resume Builder service is one way to easily ensure your technical credentials read as well as they sound.

It can help improve the quality of your resume and ensure that busy HR managers and recruitment professionals will get the key messages from it in the few seconds they may take to scan it, or it hits the notes that an AI checker is looking for.

Resume builder helps you choose from a series of templates that are known to appeal to recruiters, and we provide finely-honed examples of technical text that will get across key messages in the type of language that delivers maximum impact.

Free, simple, and easy to use, ResumeBuilderPro – Smart Resume Builder has helped 1,000s of people get their dream job. It helps take the stress out of creating the strongest possible technical resume online. For more information, visit more Smart Resume Builder here.

If you have trouble putting into words your technical skills and achievements, Smart Resume Builder is the ideal tool to build a great-looking resume. You can choose from a set of strong templates, adjust the color and style, or pick examples for your specific Market. 

Then, add pre-chosen text examples that you can use or edit to your personal situation and satisfaction. Since it only takes a few minutes to apply for a role, it is only fair that candidates should be able to create resumes quickly and efficiently.

The Key Features of a Strong Technical Resume

When it comes to building a strong resume, recruiters will look to see what you have achieved, not just your skills – which will likely be the same or broadly similar to other applicants. Those that have a strong list of achievements will instantly go to the top of the pile.

The key is to highlight a problem, how you helped solve it and what the business benefits were. Those might include:

  • Built a new AI marketing analytics system from scratch, integrating IBM Watson to develop C-level reports and driving 50% growth in marketing response.
  • Worked with a banking client to develop new customer interfaces to speed up interactions and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Hired, trained, and mentored a team of 15 web developers across three continents to deliver regularly updated services and 24-hour support for key clients.
  • Implemented an internal feedback system for support agents to report system issues that caused delays, improving performance by 20%.
  • Led a bug bounty and repair service that resolved dozens of unknown issues in open source tools.

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Impressing Across the Rest of Your Resume

That is not to say that the rest of a resume is not important. Each section should highlight the candidate as smart and effective. Also proving they can handle the basics such as strong communication skills, good written English and spelling, and even the ability to format a resume well to attract attention.

Putting together a resume can be considered a puzzle and the better the pieces fit, the more likely it is to get noticed. As with any written work, the first effort is rarely perfect, so do take some time to understand resume best practices and follow these tips for writing a strong resume.

Finding Your Best Resume Content

Whether it is your first resume in many years, or you simply need to give it a fresh update after a busy year, take the time to do it well. Ensure that the basics such as contact details and exam results are accurate and up to date. Recruiters will find the smallest mistake and disqualify candidates.

As well as your technical skills, you should look to highlight time spent volunteering or how hobbies or other activities make you a more rounded candidate. Make sure you highlight training, both formal and informal, as well as related projects you have done on your own time.

With your resume looking great, take another look to focus on tightening up the technical aspects that recruiters will be looking to see. These can include:

  • Remote working: COVID has seen companies looking for people who are used to the demands of remote work, and collaborate well using technology.
  • Reporting up and down: Technical roles often need key data to be explained at a higher level for managers and boards, and in detail to developers and other technical roles.
  • Interest in cutting edge technologies: candidates should know their business or market inside and out, and know what is coming down the roadmap in 2-3 years, highlighting an interest in these will make you a strong interview candidate.

While this is a lot to keep in mind, using tools like Resume Builder will help take much of the effort out of the process, allowing you to focus on those technical skills. Remember that many applications also require a covering letter, so use that to reiterate key points or spread out a complex area of your history.

With all that done, good luck in your applications, and let us know how Resume Builder helped you out getting that great role.