37 Most Helpful Pregnancy Apps

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Pregnancy apps sure do help expecting moms soothe their worries over their little bundles of joy. These are perfect not only for first-time moms but also for moms who are always on the go, who are working professionals, and full-time moms too. It is without a doubt that parents want the best for their kiddos. Regardless of age, there are pregnancy apps that cater to every mom out there from choosing a baby’s name, selecting the appropriate exercises, and a whole lot more. Find out below which pregnancy apps fit your lifestyle and needs best!

37 Pregnancy Apps Perfect for Every Would-be Mom

Free Pregnancy Apps

1. Pregnancy Workout Today

Pregnancy Workout Today | Most Helpful Pregnancy Apps

This app helps you monitor your overall fitness and wellness while pregnant. In this app, you’ll find exercises for each phase of your pregnancy. It also contains advice and tips on which exercises to avoid and how to prioritize your safety while exercising. There are also exercise routines you can perform while in labor. This is a free app available only to Android users.

Download: Android

2. Baby Bump

This is one of the more popular pregnancy apps available. It keeps track of your pregnancy through illustrations, facts, and information about the baby, your health, and symptoms. This app also comes with a list of all your appointments, plus you can also add photos. It’s free for both Android and iPhone users.

Download: Android | iPhone

3. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Tracking your baby’s growth through great images is one of the features of this app. This weekly pregnancy tracker can provide you with updates to track your progress. The app also offers advice on achieving a healthy pregnancy. This is free for both iPhone and Android.

Download: Android | iPhone

4. iPregnant

iPregnant is a very useful app in terms of tracking your pregnancy via the iPhone. You’ll find tips about taking care of yourself to help you enjoy a fit and healthy pregnancy. It also allows you to organize all of your appointments, add photos as your baby bump grows, and get access to a community forum and connect with other soon-to-be moms.

Download: iPhone

5. Sprout

Sprout offers its users a 3D experience of the developing baby. It also has the usual pregnancy tools such as kick counter and contraction timer. You can also have your own checklists as well as a more personalized and organized timeline for your pregnancy. This is free for both Android and iPhone.

Download: Android | iPhone

6. Contraction Timer

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This is the perfect app when you want to monitor your contractions as the big day draws near. It shows the duration of your contractions and how often they happen. This app is free for both Android and iPhone.

Download: Android | iPhone

7. Baby Buddy

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With this app, you can make a customized avatar and get content personalized according to your preferences and needs. This app will help guide you in the first six months of your pregnancy. This is also free on both Android and iPhone.

Download: Android | iPhone

8. Pregnancy +

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This is one of the pregnancy apps with the highest download rate. You may personalize the app even among dads and other members of the family. The app includes beautiful photos of your developing baby as well as your own space for a personal diary. It also offers a kick timer, contraction timer, and a whole lot more. You can download this for free on both Android and iPhone.

Download: Android | iPhone

9. I’m Expecting

The I’m Expecting app allows you to receive updates weekly when it comes to the development of the baby. It also helps you monitor your symptoms. Uploading photos is also another feature of this app along with keeping track of appointments with your GP or midwife. This is also free for both the Android and iPhone.

Download: Android | iPhone

10. Pregnancy Tips Diet Nutrition

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The app offers diet tips for every trimester along with a list of foods to avoid during pregnancy. This will also connect you with your own dietician to make sure you’re eating healthy for the entire duration of your pregnancy. This is free for Android only.

Download: Android

11. The Bump

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This is also one of the more popular pregnancy apps around. It offers to keep track of your symptoms and pregnancy developments. There are also reminders available for each pregnancy stage as well as checklists. It also compares the size of your baby with a fruit to give you an idea of your baby’s development. This is free for the Android.

Download: Android

12. CineMama

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Pregnancy apps are not just about checklists and data. With this app, you can also create a movie version of all your collated baby bump photos. It also comes with a soundtrack to make it even more fun. This is free for both Android and iPhone.

Download: Android | iPhone

13. What to Expect

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The What to Expect app provides all the information and advice you need on a weekly basis. It contains more texts than graphics, but it is very informative. You can also receive daily tips through a pregnancy pointer. This app is also free for both Android and iPhone.

Download: Android | iPhone

14. Babyname

This app requires you and your partner to download and use it together. What makes this app exciting to use is you can swipe through baby names listed on cards and click “yes” or “no,” then the app will reveal which names you and your spouse both clicked “yes” on. This is free for Android.

Download: Android 

15. Glow Nurture

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One best feature of the Glow Pregnancy app is the user’s ability to send PDF formats of their pregnancy symptoms, health, and data on weight to their own email address. It also contains a checklist for the hospital bag as well as a pregnancy tracker which is set specifically every trimester. This comes free for both Android and iPhone.

Download: Android | iPhone

16. Kickme – Baby Kicks Counter

This app is particularly designed for counting your baby’s kicks during your pregnancy. You also have the option to forward the recorded movement of your baby to your midwife or doctor. This app is best to use during the third trimester along with your doctor’s advice for counting kicks. This is only free for Android.

Download: Android

17. Baby Kicks Monitor

Baby Kicks Monitor | Most Helpful Pregnancy Apps

This app allows you to keep track of how much your baby kicks. You can start counting your baby’s kicks by pressing the button that says “Start Session.” You can then click “Record Kick” every time the baby kicks. This is only free for iPhone.

Download: iPhone

18. Kicks Count

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Yet another pregnancy app on counting kicks is Kicks Count. This app allows would-be moms to identify their baby’s regular movement pattern. Kicks Count is free for both Android and iPhone.

Yet another pregnancy app on counting kicks is Kicks Count. This app allows would-be moms to identify their baby’s regular movement pattern. Kicks Count is free for both Android and iPhone.

Download: Android | iPhone

19. Sleepo: Relaxing Sounds

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This app will help any mom-to-be sleep soundly at night. You can use this by playing white noise and sounds to help you sleep better. It can also be useful even after your pregnancy to lull your newborn to sleep. This is only free on Android.

Download: Android

20. Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds, White Noise & Fan

This is the iPhone version of Sleepo. You can use this app to get a good night’s sleep and be well-rested before the baby arrives. This application is also free on iTunes.

Download: iPhone

21. Kegel Trainer

Kegel Trainer Exercises | Most Helpful Pregnancy Apps

Pregnancy apps also include this app to help you with your exercises. This app comes in handy when performing pelvic floor exercise routines. This is important during pregnancy and even afterward. The app is free for both iPhone and Android.

Download: Android | iPhone

22. Pregnancy Exercise

Pregnancy Exercise | Most Helpful Pregnancy Apps | pregnancy tracker week by week

With this app, you can watch exercise videos such as Yoga, Pilates, strength training, and muscle toning. This will come in handy during your pregnancy and delivery. The best part is you can do these exercises in the comfort of your own home.

Download: Android

23. Full Term

The Full Term app helps you monitor the times of your contractions. You may assess how near or how far you are from your babies arrival based on your contraction history. This app also allows you to monitor the progression of your labor based on the graphs presented.

Download: Android | iPhone

24. My Pregnancy Today

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Developed by Baby Center, this app tracks your pregnancy and how your baby develops through a calendar on a daily and weekly basis. It also contains features such as baby name finder, contraction timer, kick counter, and a photo diary of your baby bump. You may also explore other features such as videos and articles from experts at Baby Center along with nutrition and food tips, and exercise routines. This is a free app for both Android and iPhone.

Download: Android | iPhone

25. 50,000 Baby Names

If choosing a name for your baby is tough, this app might help. It has features for searching, sorting, and filtering options. You can even browse through origins and meaning of the names as well as name popularity. After selecting, you can store your favorite names in the app. This app is free for iPhone only.

Download: iPhone

26. Pregnancy Assistant

This is a straightforward pregnancy assistant app when it comes to tracking how your baby develops inside you on a weekly basis. It also provides details and graphics as well as a note on what to expect for every pregnancy stage. You also have the option to add personal notes in the note section. This app is free for Android only.

Download: Android

27. WebMD

WebMD is a free app for iPhone users only. It comes with features such as monitoring your baby’s growth and development to kick counter and belly photos. It also has a section called Ask Your Doctor, which contains over 900 articles approved by doctors. You may also input your journal entries in the MyJournal section.

Download: iPhone

28. Baby Bag

Baby Bag | Most Helpful Pregnancy Apps

Baby Bag is a free app for iPhone users that lets you stay prepared and organized until your due date. It features 150 items you can include in your packing list for the hospital. You may also set up a reminder to make sure your bags are ready for the day of your delivery.

Download: iPhone


Paid Pregnancy Apps

29. BabyPool

Baby pool | Most Helpful Pregnancy Apps

If you’re looking for a more fun pregnancy app, BabyPool is the app to get. You, your friends, and family can guess your baby’s gender, play with names, or even guess the baby’s date of arrival. The winner is the player with the highest score. This is available for iPhone only at $0.99.

Download: iPhone

30. Positive Pregnancy with Andrew Johnson

This app provides meditation guided by an audio program. It helps expectant moms relax and reduce stress while waiting for their due date. It costs $2.99 for iPhone and $2.59 for Android.

Download: Android | iPhone

31. Expectful

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Expectful is another app which helps expecting mothers relax. A group of meditation experts and hypnotherapists developed this pregnancy app. There is also a free trial available for this app on their website and in the Apple Store, the app offers in-app purchases.

Download: iPhone 

32. My Baby’s Beat – Prenatal Listener

With this app, you can listen to your baby’s heartbeat without having to wait for your next appointment with the ultrasound. You can use your iPad or iPhone to hear your baby’s heartbeat. This feature gets even better because you can record the sound and share it with your friends and family through email or Facebook. It costs $4.99 in the Apple Store.

Download: iPhone

33. Noisli

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Noisli helps expecting moms have a good night sleep with their wide selection of sounds to choose from. This includes rain, white noise, and wind, among others. You may also use this for your little one so he/she can take a good nap too. It costs $1.99 in the App store.

Download: iPhone

34. Baby Pics

Baby Pics | Most Helpful Pregnancy Apps

Baby Pics is the pregnancy and baby version of Snapchat. It also has a lot of filters to choose from and artwork for your photo layering. It costs $3.00 for both Android and iPhone.

Download: Android | iPhone


Apps for Dads-to-be

35. Quick Tips for New Dads

Pregnancy apps aren’t just made for expecting moms but for dads too. This one is perfect for all new dads. It contains advice such as the what-not and what-to do’s of handling a new baby. Dads can also get help with basic skills from changing diapers, giving the baby a bath to keeping the bottle sterilized. It comes at a cost of $2.99 for iPhone.

Download: iPhone

36. Who’s Your Daddy?

The Who’s Your Daddy app offers a fun way for soon to be dads to prepare for the baby’s arrival. It contains a guide written by dads to help first-time dads. It costs $2.99 on iTunes store.

Download: iPhone

37. Pregnant Dad

This app provides answers to questions some dads won’t typically ask during the check-up. It also gives essential information about what a dad can expect during his wife’s pregnancy as well as during childbirth. You may download it in the Apple store for $1.99.

Download: iPhone


BabyCenter features the Pregnancy & Parenting App features in this YouTube video: 

Having these pregnancy apps can help assure every mom a fulfilling pregnancy with all the accessibility and convenience they offer. Carrying a baby for nine months is tough, but these apps are here to lend a helping hand. It can never replace your regular trip to your doctor, but if you need something right away that deals with your pregnancy, apps are just one tap away. And if there’s one thing expecting moms need, it’s a little bit of help to get some peace of mind and enjoy their pregnancy in this digital age.

Which among the pregnancy apps here will you try first and why? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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