Preparing To Return to School and Work After COVID-19 With Proper Training

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The COVID-19 pandemic caused many changes in the way of life as we know it. Schools sent kids home, and online learning became the new normal. Workplaces shut down. Employers had to find new ways to keep employees working while they stayed at home for the greater good.

While all of these changes helped to flatten the curve, the time has come to get back to normal or as close to normal as we can get with the threat of COVID-19 still lingering. The changes in both schools and workplaces require those in charge to prepare students and workers to come back.

Part of this preparation will include creating training programs and assessment processes to meet new regulations put in place by the government to help protect against the spread of COVID-19.

Welcoming Back the Children

When it comes to schools, IIEP explains social distancing guidelines will put school districts in a hard position. Trying to return all students to the school will be impossible for most schools to do while honoring the new guidelines.

As a solution, many school systems will need to do research and assessment of their students. They will need to find out how distance learning methods they were using at the end of the last school year were working. This might require having students take computer assessments to measure their education levels and learning abilities. Most schools will have to make decisions on which students will return to the classroom and which ones will continue distance learning.

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Welcoming students back into the schools will also require training courses on abiding by new safety rules. Students and staff members will have to learn the new regulations and expectations.

Because schools often run up against budget issues, they may struggle to purchase enough devices to use to complete all this back-to-school training and assessments. One option is to only borrow what they need since they will only need them for a short time. An aptitude testing laptop rental, for example, can be the solution to make getting back to the classroom easier and more budget-friendly.

Getting Back to Work

Employers face a similar situation to schools. They also have to follow very strict guidelines for reopening. Like in schools, workers will have to go through training to return so that they understand the new rules for interacting in the workplace and their new responsibilities for their own safety and that of their coworkers.

The National Law Review explains that employers will need to cover rules about social distancing, physical barriers, hand washing, and mask-wearing. One of the easiest ways to do this is to provide video training. To launch a training program, employers may consider back to work training iPad rental.

A comprehensive training program will cover a range of topics:

  • Rules for virtual parties and meetings
  • Rules for travel
  • Sick time policies
  • Telework policies
  • How to greet others
  • No contact rules
  • Testing availability and policies
  • Rules on refusing testing
  • Modified work hours
  • Rules for the use of disinfectants
  • Rules for sneezing or coughing
  • Personal protective equipment policies, use, and accommodations
  • Consequences for not complying with safety rules

Employers can make use of this back-to-work training to also cover other changes that have been a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as the hiring of new workers and sick time policy changes. It will also work if employers need to expand remote work or offer guidance for business traveling.

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Employers must also track and monitor employee health, which includes managing temperature checks. They must create and implement an action plan for what happens when an employee has a COVID-19 diagnosis. They must figure out how to protect employee medical information per legal regulations. All of these things require software and devices to implement but may not require them long-term, which makes rentals an ideal solution.

Device Rentals Can Get Everyone Back to School and Work

The financial costs of the COVID-19 pandemic have left schools and businesses in bad shape. Reopening and getting back to the new normal requires even more investment. However, there are some options to help make things easier, such as renting devices for training and assessment purposes.