Which Renewable Energy Solution Is Right for You? Key Factors to Consider

Renewable energy - solar

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If you’re not yet on board with renewable energy, it’s likely to be something you’re thinking about. The easiest route is to choose a renewable tariff from your energy provider, but why rely on them when you could have more control? Installing a renewable energy system for your home or business could allow you to replace all of the energy you use, or a large part of it, with the energy you harness yourself.

The idea sounds great, but you might lose hope once you start researching. Deciding which option is right for you, if any, is tough. One of them could meet your needs, but you need to consider some key factors before you make a decision.

Your Budget

Cost is the most important factor when deciding which renewable energy product might be right for them. If it’s not within your budget, there’s not much point in going much further. Most people also want renewable energy to help them save money, so that’s something to think about, too. Weighing up your possible solar panels cost against how much it might cost to install a heat pump will help you determine the better choice. Don’t forget to look at grants or other funding to help cover the costs of installing your new renewable energy system.

Heat or Electricity?

Renewable energy systems are generally separated into those that generate electricity and those that provide you with heat. So, it’s one of the first things you’ll want to consider when separating your options. Solar panels and wind turbines are two examples of systems that generate electricity. In contrast, solar water heating systems and heat pumps can provide heat for hot water and heating and cooling your home. Perhaps you want to replace your heating system, or maybe you want to save money on electricity. Combining different systems could be a possibility to meet all of your needs, too.

The Property

Each renewable energy system has specific installation requirements. If you’re thinking about solar panels, you’ll need the space to install them, and they will need to be somewhere that gets adequate amounts of sun. Wind turbines must be installed somewhere with enough wind activity, while hydropower systems must be installed by a moving water source such as a river or stream. Heat pumps and solar thermal systems require space inside and outside to install all necessary equipment. So, it’s vital to determine what your property is suited for.

Renewable energy - wind

Your Reasons for Switching

Why do you want to switch to renewable energy? It’s an important point to nail down before choosing which renewable energy source will suit your needs. Are you hoping to save money on your energy bills, or is your main motivation to be more eco-friendly? You might want to take the opportunity to stop using fossil fuels and replace your heating system with a heat pump or a solar PV system. If you live in a rural property and want reliable energy, you could consider a wind turbine or hydro system to deliver what you want.

The Potential Benefits

Of course, you don’t want to go through the effort and cost of installing a renewable energy system if it’s not worth it. What benefits could you potentially reap from making this switch? It’s likely to benefit you or your business somehow, but the question is whether it will be enough for you to justify the change. How much will it help you save each month? How long will it take until you have a return on your investment? Will it reduce your carbon footprint? These are all things to consider when trying to make the right choice.

Finding the Right Installer

You also need someone to install your renewable energy solution. This could influence your decision on which is right for you. You may find that there are more options for installing certain types of renewable energy, especially as it can vary by location. Due to the increased competition, more installers could mean better quality for some. But if there are fewer installers, it could mean the existing ones are the real experts who know just what they’re doing.

Renewable energy isn’t cheap, so you should consider it carefully before jumping into it.