Results of 20 questions with ChaCha

Yesterday, I presented a list of 20 questions that I didn’t think ChaCha could answer. Mostly for my own curiousity, I actually asked all 20 questions to ChaCha. Their answers (or lack of them in some cases) are noted below.

Before reading ChaCha’s answers I want to emphasize that this list is not meant to be any kind of slam against ChaCha. I still love the ChaCha service and have relied on them many times. Rather, I was trying to point out the limitations of a system such as ChaCha (time constraints, information available, etc.) and how the system can be easily abused. And to be fair, ChaCha themselves even state that their service is for entertainment purposes only.

Q: How many timeouts have the Indianapolis Colts called in regular season games in the last 10 years?
A: Response never received.
My comments: Not off to a good start.

Q: What is the most popular flavor of ice cream in Greenwood, Indiana?
A: Response never received.
My comments: Strike 2.

Q: How many unique television commercials did Pepsi air in the 1990s?
A: Response never received.
My comments: Beginning to wonder if they are even getting my questions. Going to try a baseline question.

Time for a baseline question

At this point, I sent an easy question just to make sure the ChaCha service was still working.

Q: When is the next leap day (Feb. 29)?
A: The next leap year day of February 29th will be in 2036. The last one was this year of 2008 and before that, in 1980.
My comments: Not sure what I proved here. This was supposed to be a baseline (read that, easy) question. Although ChaCha answered this question, the next leap day is really February 29, 2012.

Picking up where I left off

Q: How many six letter words are there in the English language?
A: There are approximately 171,476 words in the English language.
My comments: First, kudos for even coming up with any kind of number. But I asked for six letter words.not the total number of words. And I have no idea whatsoever if this number is accurate.

Q: How many constellations are named after legends of Greek mythology?
A: Received acknowledgement “ChaCha got your question and is working on the answer!” but never received answer to question.
My comments: Darn, I was on a roll.

Q: How many miles per hour does an elevator in the MGM, Las Vegas travel?
A: The fastest elevator in the world comes in at 1,010mpm and it is located at the Tapei Financial Center. No results for MGM.
My comments: I applaud this ChaCha guide. Best answer yet given the circumstances of my questions.

Q: What’s the most requested condiment at Subway stores in California?
A: Subway doesn’t list their most popular condiment choice. Condiments that are popular are oil/vinegar, mayonaise and mustard.
My comments: Another answer like the ones I expected. At least the ChaCha guide was honest.

I learned something new about ChaCha

Before I received the answer to the question above, I received this as a separate text message from ChaCha: “ChaCha gives you 20 Qs for FREE each month. In the next 3 days, you can ask 9 Qs. Get more free Qs by calling 800 224-2242.” I never realized until I read this message that there was a limitation to the number of questions you could ask.

Rather than continue this experiment and burn through all of my free questions, I’ve decided to list the remaining questions and put a challenge out to my readers. If you want to help me complete my experiment, ask one of the remaining questions to ChaCha and post the question and the response you receive as a comment below.

Here are the remaining questions. Will you help me?

  • How many exits are there on northbound Interstate 65?
  • What’s the bestselling Nintendo Wii game for 8-year-old boys?
  • How many Macy’s gift cards are fully redeemed 12 months after purchase?
  • What is the most common 4-digit PIN for Chase Bank ATM cards?
  • How many times does Billy Joel play a middle C on the song Piano Man?
  • What spell does Hermione use most often in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?
  • How many phone numbers in the 317 area code are assigned to dedicated fax lines?
  • What was the average high and low price for gas in Indianapolis in November 2008?
  • Did the Milwaukee Brewers hit any inside-the-park home runs in July?
  • How many seats were unsold on Delta domestic flights in 2001?
  • What is the average time a female between the ages of 21 and 30 goes to bed?
  • What was the most popular name given to chihuahuas last year?
  • What is the most requested drink at the Bean Cup coffee shop in Indianapolis?