Reverse PDFs back to Word, Publisher, HTML and more with PDF Converter Elite

PDFs are the universal format of the Internet. That’s why so often you see PDF as the format of choice when downloading documents from the Internet or when people want to attach a document to an email. It’s the one format that nearly every computer understands.

Sometimes, however, you may find yourself wanting to edit a PDF file that someone sent you. This is certainly possible with specialized software but what if you want to edit the PDF in Microsoft Word? Or Microsoft Publisher? Or even edit it as an HTML web page?

That’s where the PDF Converter Elite software comes in handy. With PDF Converter Elite, you simply open up your PDF file and then choose what format you want to convert it to. Your choices are:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Publisher
  • OpenOffice
  • HTML
  • AutoCAD
  • Image

I’ve used these types of reverse PDF conversion software before and had mixed results. Not so with PDF Converter Elite. In fact, I was stunned at the accuracy of the converted files.

Visual proof

To demonstrate this more visually, here’s a screenshot of the PDF Converter Elite software with the latest issue of my Noobie Unplugged newsletter opened.

PDF Converter Elite original file

Here’s a screenshot of the converted Microsoft Word file. Notice any difference? Neither can I.

PDF Converter Elite - file converted to Word

Finally, here’s a screenshot of my Chrome browser showing the HTML web page version of the file. Again, a flawless conversion.

PDF Converter Elite - file converted to HTML

Converts both ways

Incidentally, you can use PDF Converter Elite to convert source documents into PDFs as well. This isn’t really the bread and butter feature of the software since so many software programs have “Print to PDF” or “Save as PDF” functionality built into them but it’s nice to know you have this option available to you if you need it.

Where to get PDF Converter Elite

PDF Converter Elite is available at Look for a free 7-day trial if you want to try it before you buy it. If you decide to purchase it, a single license is currently priced at $99.95. There are discounts for multiple licenses as well.

Note: The PDF Converter Elite software mentioned above was provided to me at no cost by in exchange for this review. It can be purchased at