Rolaids won’t fix your computer’s stomach ache

My computer woes continue. Last week I was hit with a virus. This week, my hard drive on my computer started acting up. And yes, there’s no need to remind me these things come in threes.

When trying to think what good could come of this it occurred to me that most noobies would have no idea if something was wrong with their hard drive unless a big giant message on the screen told them so. So I thought maybe I could teach them.

How did I know my hard drive was failing? Pretty simple actually. My computer started responding extremely slow (think minutes) and eventually not at all. But this alone wasn’t enough for me to know the hard drive was failing.

The telltale sign

Zssssp, zssssp, zssssp, zssssp, zssssp. That’s how I knew. And that’s the sound my hard drive made as it began gasping its last breath.

The lesson here is you don’t have to know what’s inside your computer to know something is wrong. Much like when your stomach starts gurgling to give you a warning of an impending stomach ache, your computer components do the same. The only difference is the remedy. One can be fixed with a handful of Rolaids. The other with several large bills from your wallet.

So the next time you hear a strange noise coming from inside your computer, prepare for a really bad day. Maybe even two.