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If you are interested in receiving one free month of audiobook rentals, please read the entire entry below.

I am currently participating in a one month free trial of Simply Audiobooks, which among other services, rents audiobooks by mail. If the words “Netflix for audio books” come to mind, you’re half right. Half right because the premise of renting via mail is the same as Netflix but half wrong because Simply Audiobooks simply doesn’t hold a candle to Netflix.

Like Netflix, Simply Audiobooks allows you to browse its selection of titles and then add selections to your rental shelf (i.e., queue). The first title available on your rental shelf is then mailed to you. When you are done listening to your audiobook, you send it back to Simply Audiobooks and the next available title on your rental shelf ships. You can keep this rinse and repeat cycle going as long as you stay a member of Simply Audiobooks and continue to pay your membership fee. Also like Netflix, there are no restrictions as to how long you can keep your audiobooks and you do not pay any postage costs either way.

What’s not to like?

So if Simply Audiobooks is so much like Netflix, what’s not to like? Well, for starters, the selection. After signing up for my free account (which in and of itself, I found confusing), I was eager to add several new business books to my rental shelf. Unfortunately, about 90% of the titles I wanted to listen to weren’t available as rentals from Simply Audiobooks. I decided instead to try searching by some of my favorite author’s last names and while most of the authors were found, the selection was still very limited.

I did manage, however, to assemble about 10 audiobooks on my rental shelf. I felt relieved to finally have this task complete until I looked up at the clock and realized it had taken me an hour to fill my rental shelf. Perhaps if one of the business books I had wanted to listen to had been available I would have learned the time is money concept a little quicker.

I could go on and say more about the Simply Audiobooks service but I want to hear your opinion instead. In other words, what do you think of the service? As far as I can tell, the free 1-month trial is available to the public. I’m including a link below if you are interested in signing up as well as the promo code I used in case the link doesn’t take you to the free trial page.

Here’s how to get your own free 1-month trial

If you do sign up, please jot down some notes during the first few days of your free trial. What do you like about the service? What do you dislike? What do you find confusing, if anything, about the service? After you have sampled an audiobook or two, send your thoughts and comments to [email protected]. Include your level of technical expertise (noobie, not-so-noobie or all out techie) in the email so I can cross-reference the reviews of the site with the people using the site.

After a few weeks, when I have gathered all of your comments, I will post a follow-up blog entry to let everyone know the collective opinion.

Here’s the link to the free 1-month Simply Audiobooks trial:

Or use promo code: MARCHMADNESS

NOTE: The offer expires March 31, 2008 so if you are interested, sign up now before you forget about it and it’s too late.