Sending a web page via email a little more challening with web based mail

Q: I recently switched to Comcast for my Internet connection and now I can’t use the Send Page by E-mail feature in Internet Explorer. Nothing happens when I click the link. How can I email a web page to a friend?

A: Since you mentioned Comcast as your Internet Service Provider, I’m going to assume you are now using web-based email. While there are several advantages to web-based email you have run into one of the disadvantages.

When you click the Send Page by E-mail menu option in Internet Explorer, your computer looks for a default mail client such as Outlook, Outlook Express or Thunderbird. If you are running Vista, it will most likely launch Windows Mail.

The problem is that your email is now web-based meaning you no longer need an email client. And although you may have an email client installed by default it probably isn’t set up correctly to send and receive your Comcast email.

I see a couple of choices here. The first, and most difficult, would be to contact Comcast to see if they can assist you in setting up a free email client such as Outlook Express or Thunderbird. If they allow this type of access to your email, they should be able to walk you through the setup.

Send web page via emailThe second option is to just use a simple copy and paste to send the web address to your friend via email. To do this, you just need to highlight the web page address in Internet Explorer, found in the address bar, and hit Ctrl-C on your keyboard to copy the address. Next, launch your web-based email and start composing a new email. After you have entered the recipient and subject information, click in the body of the email and then hit Ctrl-V on your keyboard to paste the web page address into your email.

Most email clients will convert the web page address into a hyperlink so all the recipient has to do to view the web page when he or she receives the email is to click on the hyperlink in your email.

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