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Must-Have Smart Home Devices | Noobie | Smart Home Devices that work with alexa | Smart Home Devices that work with google homeIf you’re looking for convenience, easy management, and automation, you can never go wrong with smart home devices. These cool home gadgets not only make great conversation pieces, but they also guarantee to make your life easier. The good news is they always a valuable investment. It’s time to automate your home using this list of smart devices.

Smart Watch | Must-Have Smart Home Devices | Smart Home Devices that work with alexa | Smart Home Devices that work with google home

What Are Smart Home Devices For Automation?

Note: Prices may vary depending on location, and they may also change in the future. Further, they don’t include shipping and other charges.

1. Amazon Alexa And Echo Dot ($17.99)

One of the hottest smart home gadgets is Amazon’s Alexa, which is an intelligent personal assistant. Think about it as Siri of iPhones or Cortana of Windows. You can communicate with it – yes, you can literally talk to it! – and it can perform a wide variety of tasks from scheduling your calendar to managing your smart home. It can, therefore, work as a hub for all your smart home devices. (And, who knows, it can help solve crimes.)

Note: Besides Amazon Alexa, you may be hearing about Amazon’s Echo Dot. Now, things are getting a bit confusing here. Don’t worry, we’ll make it simple. Amazon’s Echo Dot is a smaller, hockey puck-sized Alexa with the same functionality as its bigger brother but with a smaller, lower quality speaker (you can optionally connect it to your own Bluetooth speaker).

2. Google Home ($129)

Google Home is one of the smart home devices that is extra smart – it can distinguish voices. It, therefore, has the capability to provide you with a unique user experience. This device also makes it perfect for multi-user households and even offices.

What can it do? Because this is Google Home, it works with other Google products such as Google Calendar and Chromecast. It rates well in controlling your entertainment system. For example, you can tell it to stream a YouTube video directly on your TV. Working with Google Assistant, the device can pull out a lot of information for your questions, such as the weather, the best restaurants, etc.

3. Nest Learning Thermostat ($249)

It doesn’t matter which state you are. Expect your electric bill to skyrocket if you don’t know how to control your temperature-centric devices such as your thermostats and A/Cs. If you have a problem managing the former, you can use the Nest Learning Thermostat.

Considered one of the best among the smart home devices of its league, Nest Learning Thermostat doesn’t just connect itself to the boiler but also manages the numbers depending on whether you’re around or not. It goes into Away mode if it senses no one was there. It sends you an email to help you keep track of your usage and allows you to set schedules on when it should be turned on.

4. Philips Hue White Ambiance Starter Kit ($129.99)

Ask about the best smart lighting system in the market, and Philips Hue Ambiance Starter Kit is top of the list. You can do pretty much anything with it – dim the lights if no one is around, automatically adjust the brightness according to the time of the day, or even let it give off a warm shade just for a cozier feel. With its bridge, you can control your lighting system from the backyard to any part of the home. And with its app, you can manage the system anytime, anywhere. It is also easy to expand. Once you have the starter kit, you can add more bulbs and connect them to the bridge, which can control up to 50 of them. And did you know they use LED? Talk about saving more money.

5. Apple HomeKit (price varies)

For a company that is known for its innovation – remember iPhone? – Apple is interestingly pretty new when it comes to offering smart home devices. But its HomeKit is extremely promising and offers a couple of advantages not found in other smart homes technology options. Perhaps the best is the fact it can work with various third-party devices such as Nest without having to depend on a hub. Rather, it uses a proprietary software that allows these devices to talk with one another. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can control all of them wherever you are. Of course, it communicates with other Apple devices like Apple TV.

6. Smarter Coffee (179.99 GBP)

You won’t realize how challenging it is to make a cup of coffee until you have to beat the rush hour every single time. Thus, you’d thank the heavens for Smarter Coffee. One of the smart home devices for your kitchen, it automates brewing. You can set the time when it should start making you a cup. And speaking of a cup, you can also let it make coffee for X number of cups. It will also tell you how much water is left, because, seriously, you don’t want it to stop brewing because there’s no water. You can control it with its app you can download on your phone or tablet, or you can use integrative systems like Amazon Alexa and Nest.

7. Netatmo Welcome ($112.20)

Managing a household is tough, more so when you need to keep track of every person’s comings and goings. This is where Netatmo Welcome is handy. An intelligent security system, it uses facial recognition to identify registered family members, friends, and other people welcome in the household. In the same manner, it sends you a notification if it cannot recognize a face a.k.a. a possible intruder. It also can sense alarms, so if your smoke or security alarms are activated, it will notify you right away. As a security cam, it stores videos, and you can upload and save it in the cloud such as Dropbox.

8. Kwikset Z-Wave Lock ($109.99)

Do you sometimes feel the urge to go back to your home because you think you haven’t locked the door? Do you have the fear someone can get into your house and wait for you in the dark? You can use Kwikset Z-Wave Lock. It allows you to monitor the lock itself – whether it’s still locked or opened – as well as lock the door with a few presses of your mobile device.

9. iRobot Looj 330 ($299.99)

Cleaning the gutter is important. Just think about the dirt, moisture, and water accumulation that can damage your roof – and, mind you, fixing roofs is not cheap. Doing it is another story. It’s time-consuming and physically draining. You can automate it with iRobot Looj 330. It is sleek and compact so it fits your gutter properly. It spins fast to get rid of leaves and other debris quickly. It has a wireless handle so you can control its motions. Best of all, it has a sensing technology so it activates itself if it feels leaves are filling up.


Let’s add one more! One of the smart home gadgets worth having is Samsung SmartThings. Watch this video and know how it works:

Smart home automation won’t make your space like the Jetsons. But it saves you time and turns you into a pro in home management. These smart home devices are quite costly, but given the technology and how they work, they’re worth it. And as the tech improves and new ones come in, soon, automation becomes more affordable.

What are your favorite smart home devices? Share your top three in the comments below!

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