SnapPower Guidelight: Add accent lighting to existing electrical outlets

SnapPower Guidelight

I’m not sure if it’s for the functionality or because I like the way it looks, but I love accent lighting around my house. So when I saw an ad come across my Facebook stream for a product called SnapPower Guidelight—a product that adds accent lighting to any existing electrical outlet—I knew I had to check it out.

How the SnapPower Guidelight works

The SnapPower Guidelight is nothing more than a replacement plastic cover for your electrical outlet. To install it, you simply pop off your existing outlet cover and replace it with the SnapPower Guidelight. That’s it. Really! No electrical wiring required.

SnapPower Technology

When you’re done, your SnapPower Guidelight will project three LED lights from the bottom of your electrical outlet cover towards the floor giving off very nice and subtle accent lighting when it gets dark (there is a light sensor built in to make sure the lights only come on when they need to).

Match your existing outlets

The SnapPower Guidelight comes in two different styles (duplex and decor) and can be purchased individually or in packs of 3, 5 or 10. They also come in different colors (white, light almond, ivory and black) to match your existing outlet.

Be careful during installation

My only caution with the SnapPower Guidelight is that you have to be very careful when installing it. There are two thin metal strips on either side that need to make contact with the screws inside your electrical outlet. If they don’t initially make contact and you try to force them, you might break one. I know, because it happened to me.

When I contacted the company, they told me that it might be because I have an older style electrical outlet (my house is about 18 years old). But I did manage to get another one to work just fine so I’m hoping it was more my impatience than anything else.

Note: The SnapPower Guidelight mentioned above was provided to me at no cost or a discounted cost in exchange for my unbiased review. Click here to purchase on