Successful Merch Selling Tips for YouTubers

Merchandise selling tips for YouTubers

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Successful selling for YouTubers is not all about having a large audience. It requires using the best practices to stay ahead of the game. Subscribers are looking to support you by subscribing to your channel. They will make your business grow by buying your merchandise.

Selling merchandise on YouTube can subsidize your channel. However, you must know the dos and don’ts. Here are some tips that can help you to be successful. 

Avoid Incurring High Costs Upfront

Perhaps you wonder how much do YouTubers make from merch or how they manage to be successful. The answer lies in the way they manage their costs. When marketing your merch on YouTube, avoid making a huge upfront investment. Using print-on-demand companies is a great way to avoid high costs and risks. This will help you to avoid incurring stock holding costs. You will only process your orders after the customers make payments.

Create a personal and appealing merch site and use channel descriptions to your advantage. The audience should easily find your merchandise bio section. Using a print-on-demand company can easily transform designs into custom products. You will also start making money through dropshipping. 

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Curate Your Merchandise

Another way to sell on YouTube is by curating your product range. Choose from a range of products, the ones that will fit the needs of your subscribers. Try to add the crop top or bucket hat to your products.

For the sustainability crowd, check out the eco-conscious product range. Ensure you have a good mix of the best products, such as mugs, hoodies, and T-shirts. Some default assortment recommends the best products for your store.  

Share Your Social Proof

Offer social proof to build a customer base around your brand. Let your larger audience understand that people are buying your merchandise.

Ask your fans to post photos of themselves using your merch. Let them post those photos on social media. Using such a strategy with an additional reward could guarantee you success. You can also build the audience’s trust by retweeting tweets of those who comment about your brand. Always thank your fans through giveaways or online recognition. Money-making should not be your primary objective. 

Understand Your Audience

Always consider your subscribers when designing merch. For instance, trendy and colorful designs can attract young consumers. You will see your sales zooming and customers engaging by making the products attractive to your audience. Use demographics such as interests, gender, and age to understand your audience. You will be able to know what they prefer watching.

To engage your subscribers enough, ask them what they want. This is one of the best ways to make them appreciate your brand. You can also use live streams to collaborate with your subscribers. Many subscribers love designs with unique jokes and catchphrases. 

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Use Content Strategy

Selling merchandise on YouTube requires an understanding of a marketing platform. You must differentiate between what works and what does not. Your goal is to get many subscribers to buy your merchandise. Having many subscribers does not translate to sales. 

Some YouTubers with small channels are more successful because they engage their audience. To boost a subscriber base, create engaging videos and post them regularly. Creating engaging content is one of the best tactics to sell more merch. Another way is to create specific videos regarding your upcoming merch. This will create suspense and appreciation. 

Customize Your Products

Since you understand your audience, create the designs based on their expectations. It is the YouTube subscribers who will be buying those products. Use text designs to your advantage.

Use unique catchphrases or jokes for your channel. Let your audience use your unique designs to identify with your brand. You can also ask a designer artist to create custom designs. 

Promote Your Merch

Promoting your merchandise regularly can make a big difference. Wear your merch in photos and videos to create awareness. This is an interesting way to help your viewers see the products. Besides promoting and sharing merchandise in content, YouTube has special features for product promotion.

One of the best features is the Merch Shelf feature. This allows you to promote your brand and link products available for sale. This allows you to feature many items and create a custom order display.