Table for two means me and my iPhone

A few months back, I read the book, Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time. I learned from this book the importance of building and maintaining relationships and how easy it is to use lunch or dinner as an opportunity to do so.

Ironically, soon after finishing this book I found myself eating alone at a restaurant due to some down time between appointments. I didn’t have enough time to arrange for someone to eat with me but I did have my iPhone to keep me company.

I found it comforting to check email, send text messages, look at the stock market and even play a game or two in between visits to the table from my server. In a sense, I didn’t even really feel like I was eating alone.

I wasn’t the only one

I wondered who else in the restaurant might be sharing a table for two with their smartphone. As I looked around the restaurant, I was shocked to discover six other people eating alone, all of which were playing with a smart phone. This gave me a rather unsettling feeling in my stomach.

So, as neat as I thought it was to have something to do while eating alone, I decided right then and there, like the book I mentioned earlier said, never to eat alone again. Besides, I don’t want to walk into this same restaurant again in the future only to hear the hostess say, “Good afternoon Mr. Welch, will it just be you and your iPhone again today?”