Telikin: The Most Senior Friendly Computer [Tech Talk]

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Undoubtedly, seniors want to use computers to communicate and stay in touch with their families. But, for seniors, computers can still be overwhelming and complicated to learn. Listen as Mr. Noobie®, owner of, and Lauren Allegrezza, Marketing Manager for Telikin, review the features of the Telikin computer and discuss what makes it so easy and friendly to use, especially for seniors.

Be sure not to miss the weekly roundup of interesting and fun technology news and Mr. Noobie’s® app of the week. This week, Mr. Noobie® reveals an app you can use to determine whether or not it’s time to visit an optometrist.

In our featured product/service segment, Mr. Noobie® introduces a unique band that secures your cash, credit card, and key to the back of your smartphone without interfering with the smartphone itself.

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