Test your skill at baking pies at Papa’s Bakeria

Papa's Bakeria

I’ve never baked a pie from scratch and, after seeing how I did in this pie-making video game, I probably never should. But I have to admit, making pies in the game is a lot of fun.

The game I am referring to is Papa’s Bakeria. The object of the game is simple. Keep all your customers happy by creating a pie to their exact specifications without keeping them waiting. Sounds easy. It isn’t.

I’ll give you this. It starts easy. That’s when you only have one customer to satisfy. But when multiple customers arrive at the same time and you have to juggle between taking orders, creating the pies, baking the pies (without burning them) and getting the toppings just right, it gets challenging pretty quick.

Working four stations at once

To efficiently run Papa’s Bakeria, you’ll need to work four separate stations: the Order Station, the Build Station, the Bake Station and the Top Station.

At the Order Station, you take the orders from customers walking in the door.

Papa's Bakeria - Order Station

Once you have their order, you move to the Build Station to create the pie.

Papa's Bakeria - Build Station

Once you are satisfied you have made the pie to the customer’s specifications, you move on to the Bake Station to bake the pie.

Papa's Bakeria - Bake Station

When the pie is fully baked, you move on to the Top Station where you add toppings to your pie per your customer’s specifications.

Papa's Bakeria - Top Station

When this is all done, you return to the Order Station to deliver the pie to the customer. That’s when you find out how happy (or angry) your customer is with his or her pie. And your tip jar will reflect their satisfaction or lack of.

Papa's Bakeria - Customer Satisfaction

Like I said earlier, if you could do all four stations for one customer’s pie before working on a second customer’s pie, the game would be pretty easy. But in reality, while you are making one pie, another customer might walk in—and we all know the customer doesn’t like to wait.

Then there’s the problem of trying to get your toppings just right while another one of your pies is burning in the oven. There goes your customer satisifcation (and your tip!)

How to play

You can play Papa’s Bakeria right at your computer by visiting Papa’s Bakeria on Poki. The game will begin right after a short ad, which helps Poki to offer the game for free.

Note: This blog post was co-created in cooperation with Poki, an online gaming company developing cross platform games and publisher of the free-to-play online version of Papa’s Bakeria.