The day that analog television died

Analog television RIPIs it just me or has there been very little press at the second go-round of switching from analog to digital television? Personally, I’ve barely heard a word.

Yeah, I saw a couple of commercials on television reminding me that June 12 is the new date but nothing like I saw earlier this year when the date was still February 17.

I’m guessing the reason for this is that the switchover to digital television, like Y2K, has been beat to death. So I’m going to do my part and leave it alone as well.

R.I.P. analog television

Just know that by the time you read this, analog television will (should) be dead.

Mainly out of curiosity, I am dying to know if anyone actually woke up this morning unable to watch television. If you did, leave a comment below and tell me your story. I’d love to hear it!