The perfect iPod for a six-year-old

It finally happened.

My wife and I purchased an iPod for our son for his birthday. Not completely unusual except our son just turned six.

I know, I know, there are a lot of you reading this right now thinking that Noobie Jr. is spoiled rotten and too young to be responsible with an iPod but before you judge, listen to our reasoning.

Simply put, our son has the gift of music in him. Rhythm just comes naturally to him. He sings along to every song he hears on the radio and has the lyrics memorized after only a couple listens. I’m convinced if American Idol is still around in 10 years, you’ll see him on the show.

Not his first MP3 player

A few years ago, when my wife and started recognizing his love of music, we bought him an FP3 player. No, that’s not a typo. It is Fisher Price’s (hence the FP) version of an MP3 player. He absolutely loved it but it had its share of difficulties.

Fisher Price FP3 player

The main difficulty was that my entire music collection is in Apple’s proprietary iPod format. So every time my son wanted one of the songs from my collection on his FP3 player I had to create a playlist in iTunes, burn it to a CD and then re-rip the CD back to my computer in MP3 format. And yes, that was as much of a pain to do as it sounds.

Which iPod to get

So logically, getting our son an iPod eliminated this problem. But we weren’t about to lay down the cash for an iPod Touch despite the fact that both my sons can navigate my similarly-featured iPhone blindfolded.

iPod Shuffle

The Nano on the other hand is cheaper but much more fragile. Which is why we agreed to get him an iPod Shuffle. Not the new one, but the 2nd generation postage-stamp sized one. It’s perfect for my son. He clips it to his shirt and thinks he’s king of the world.

Oh, and we did get him some kid-friendly headphones since the earbuds that come with the iPod are too big for his ears.

So what do I hear the very next day when my son comes home from school? “Hey Dad, think I can go to your computer to fire up iTunes so I can put some new music on my iPod?”

I sleep peacefully at night knowing the future of Noobie is secure.