The perfect way to avoid Best Buy up-selling

I was recently in Best Buy purchasing a computer for a friend. After I picked out the computer and monitor I was escorted to a special checkout line.

This special checkout line should be called the Best Buy up-sell line. When I arrived I was second in line behind an older couple. It took nearly 15 minutes for this couple to get checked out because of the 500 (yes, I am exaggerating) up-sells they had to respond to.

I debated for a second standing behind the salesman and giving a thumbs-up for each up-sell I thought the couple should consider and a thumbs-down for the ones they should avoid like the plague. Then it dawned on me that I would have probably thumbs-downed every single up-sell so I just stayed in my place and kept my mouth shut.

As a result, I’m pretty sure the couple ended up purchasing over half of the up-sells presented to them. Black-tie service; extended warranty; Norton security package; you name it. And they happily paid for all of it.

Next victim please

Finally, it was my turn. After scanning the computer and monitor, the counter person prepared for his up-sell attack on me.

“What level of Black Tie service would you like with your new computer?”

Little did he know I had the ultimate secret weapon.

“Oh, I don’t know. This is a gift for a friend and I have no idea what he would want.”

He kept trying. “Oh, ok. Well, what about an extended warranty?”

“Gee, that might be something he wants but I don’t want to presume anything. Can he just add that on later if he decides he wants it?”

“Um…… sure. I’ll just ring up the computer and monitor and he will have up to 30 days to return to the store to add on any features he wants.”

“That would be perfect.”

Victory was mine. And I’m pretty sure that everything I buy from Best Buy from now on will be a gift.