There’s a fine line between appreciating technology and standing at the sink looking like an idiot

Funny how you get used to technology to the point that you just expect it to be wherever you go. How many of you have feverishly waved your hands back and forth underneath a sink faucet in the restroom only to realize that you have to physically turn the water on and off yourself? If you have, don’t feel bad. I’ve done the same with the paper towel dispenser moments later.

Not too long ago, I pulled into a gas station and spent what seemed like five minutes looking for the little slot to insert my credit card. It never occurred to me that the gas station didn’t have pay-at-the-pump. And when I eventually figured that out, I had to stop and think how the whole pay-for-your-gas-inside process worked.

Sometimes I feel like I am living one of Microsoft’s Sync commercials.

What about you. Have you ever had any similar experiences? Leave a comment and let me know.