TILTS: Improving the presidential voting process

This morning I woke up at 6:15 am, anxious to cast my vote for the next President of the United States. Unlucky for me however, I had to wait another two and a half hours before I could actually vote.

No, the voting line wasn’t two and a half hours long. It was more that I had to get my kids out of bed and ready for school and couldn’t vote until my kids were safely on the bus. Then I had a short drive to my voting site and about a 30 minute wait until it was my turn to vote.

Obviously, being a techie this wasn’t my preferred way to vote. I would have rather woke up, sent a quick text message from my cell phone and have been done with it. Or logged on to a presidential voting website and cast my vote online. But neither of those technologies are available when it comes to casting a vote for President.

Too many flaws right now

I’m aware of the dozens of reasons we are not currently allowed to vote for President via text message or online voting. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pursue newer and better ways to vote other than all of us having to drive to a voting site and stand in line.

Who knows. With some new technology, we may even get millions more people to vote.

So here’s today’s twist. Rather than tell you how I’d like to see technology used in the future to vote for President, I want to hear what technology you’d like to see.

What technology would you like to see to make voting easier and more efficient in future elections?

Disclaimer: Technologies presented in the Technology I’d Like To See (TILTS) series are based on my original (and sometimes delirious) thoughts. I present them here to the public only because I can not afford to implement any of them myself. If you steal borrow one of my ideas and end up filthy rich because of it, please remember where you got the idea and throw a little love my way. Something like a BMW or a big fat check would do just fine.