TILTS: iPhone jukebox application

I took my boys to Culver’s for a fish dinner tonight. While we were eating, we discussed how nice the weather was outside even though it had cooled down a bit. One of my sons then asked me if it was going to warm up over the weekend so I took out my iPhone to check the weather.

At the same exact time, the song Wipeout started playing through the stereo system at Culver’s. Since my sons love that song, I pointed out to them that one of their favorite songs was playing. That’s when my oldest looked at me and said, “Dad, did you get Wipeout to play using your iPhone?”

After I got over my initial chuckle, I started preparing in my mind how I was going to explain to my son that although my iPhone could do a lot, it couldn’t do as much as he thought.

Who am I to say it’s impossible?

But then I stepped back for a moment and reflected on what I was about to say. Why couldn’t it? Why couldn’t I have an iPhone application that would wirelessly sync up with a restaurant’s jukebox. Then I could request songs sitting at my table using my iPhone. A computer connected to the jukebox could manage all of the requests and queue the songs accordingly.

A lot of dad’s do a self-check at the end of each day to see if they were a good father that day. I’m no exception. And I’m happy to say that rather than poking fun of my son’s question or telling him it was impossible, instead I hesitated for a few seconds and then answered him proudly with a “No, my iPhone can’t do that, but wouldn’t it be cool if it did?”

Disclaimer: Technologies presented in the Technology I’d Like To See (TILTS) series are based on my original (and sometimes delirious) thoughts. I present them here to the public only because I can not afford to implement any of them myself. If you steal borrow one of my ideas and end up filthy rich because of it, please remember where you got the idea and throw a little love my way. Something like a BMW or a big fat check would do just fine.