You’re probably growing tired of me telling you how wonderful TiVo is but I have actually come up with an improvement to TiVo that would make it even better.

Today’s Technology I’d Like to See (TILTS) is portable TiVo. Yes, I know you can already transfer your TiVo shows to portable video devices such as your laptop or an iPod Touch but I’m talking about simpler portability.

What if there was a drive bay on your TiVo that housed a portable hard drive with all of your recorded and downloaded shows? Whenever you leave the house you could just pull the drive out of the drive bay and take all of your shows with you. I envision this portable drive having video and audio connectors that would allow you to send the signal to any other device you hook it up to (such as the drop-down video screens available in most mini-vans).

Self-contained portable TiVo?

Better yet, what if the portable drive had a flip out video screen and navigation buttons such that the portable drive itself served as a self-contained video player? Watching your own TiVo shows on an airplane or while waiting for your car’s oil change? Now that would be cool!

Of course there would be some obstacles to overcome such as how your base TiVo unit would record shows when the portable drive isn’t docked in the drive bay but I’m sure the fine folks over at TiVo could figure this one out.

Disclaimer: Technologies presented in the Technology I’d Like To See (TILTS) series are based on my original (and sometimes delirious) thoughts. I present them here to the public only because I can not afford to implement any of them myself. If you steal borrow one of my ideas and end up filthy rich because of it, please remember where you got the idea and throw a little love my way. Something like a BMW or a big fat check would do just fine.