Time to confess! How many of these smartphone behaviors do you do?

True Wireless ConfessionsDo you use your phone in the bathroom? How do you feel when you leave the house and realize you left your smartphone back home? It’s time to confess!

Verizon Wireless sent me this fun infographic titled True Wireless Confessions, which details how people REALLY use their devices. The data supporting the infographic is based on a survey conducted by Verizon Wireless of more than 6,000 responses from 4/1/15 to 4/15/15.

I know it’s hard to confess, so I’ll go first. Here are the items from the infographic that I am dead guilty of:

  • Using my phone in the bathroom
  • Being offended when others use their device during an interaction (HUGE pet peeve of mine)
  • Never intentionally leaving my device at home (I feel naked without my smartphone!)
  • Turning to my phone first thing in the morning AND doing so BEFORE I get out of bed!

Now it’s your turn. Review the infographic below and leave a comment telling me which items you are guilty of!

True Wireless Confessions