Top 5 reasons I hate my iPhone

Long time readers of my blog posts know how much I value and treasure my iPhone. But how many of you know what I hate about it? Shocking I know, but the iPhone does have its flaws. Which is why I present to you the top 5 reasons I hate my iPhone.

iPhone hate

#5 Multitasking. I’m reminded how much I hate not being able to run more than one application at a time on my iPhone every time I click a link in my email. Instead of returning to my email when I am done viewing the link, I have to close the Safari browser, navigate back to my email, open the Inbox and find the email I was originally reading.

#4 No tethering. Was it just me or did AT&T promise I would be able to tether my iPhone to my laptop for on-the-go Internet access back in fall of 2009?

#3 Text messaging. While I love the conversational text messaging on my iPhone, I hate the fact that there is no counter to tell me when I have passed 160 characters on my text message, meaning my message will be split into multiple message for recipients without iPhones.

#2 Battery life. I can’t make it a full work day with my iPhone without depleting the battery. Ridiculous.

#1 AT&T exclusivity. Need I say more on this? Dropped calls. Lousy coverage. If the iPhone had come out on Verizon, the iPhone market penetration would have been 10 times what it is now.