Traffic and smelly hotel rooms couldn’t stop me

Normally when a weekend road trip starts out with sitting at a dead stop on the interstate for 2 1/2 hours, checking into a smelly hotel room and having an associate send you to the wrong room at midnight, I’d say the weekend was a complete bust. But not when that series of events is followed by a day of listening to an incredible set of speakers.

Such was the case over the weekend when I traveled to Nashville for a WorldVentures Regional Training event. Sure, the trip started out a little bumpy but it was more than made up for the next day.

WorldVentures Regional Training, Nashville

Especially when Byron Schrag took the stage. This guy is the real deal. Great speaker, great stories and all round great guy. I mean c’mon, anyone who is awarded a $1,500/month dream car bonus and elects to buy a bulldozer with it has to command some attention, right?

Byron Schrag

Bulldozer aside, Byron’s rags to riches stories, practical advice and life lessons were alone worth 10 times the price I paid for the event (a measly $79.99).

If you ever get a chance to hear Byron Schrag speak, take my little nugget of advice and jump on it. And if you want to see how I am going to be putting Byron’s advice into real-world action, take the first step by clicking here.