Transfer your Limewire music to your iPod

Q: How do I get the music I downloaded from LimeWire on to my iPod?

LimewireA: In order to get any music on to your iPod you need to do so through the iTunes interface.

Once you fire up the iTunes software, go to the File menu and look for two options. The first is “Add File to Library” and the second is “Add Folder to Library”.

Depending on whether you are looking to add just one song or an entire folder of songs, either one of these options should do the trick.

Once you choose one of the options, a dialog box will appear asking you to select the file or folder. Your files from LimeWire are most likely in MP3 format so look for files with an .mp3 extension.

After you make your selection the music should appear in your iTunes library after a brief message about needing to convert the music files to the default iTunes format.

One thing to note. Although iTunes can import music from several different formats, it generally cannot convert music that has built-in licensing from another music distributor. So if you purchased music from another source besides the iTunes Store, you may have problems importing the music into iTunes.

There is a workaround for this, however, but we don’t have enough time here to discuss it. Give Noobie a call and I’d be happy to give you the details.

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