10 Trending Amazon Deals This Month

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Amazon deals

Hot deals in gadgets and other electronics on Amazon never stop. You can always take advantage of Amazon deals of the week and save a lot of money. For this month, we scour gadgets that let you save as much as 60%. 

Super Amazon Deals You Can Buy Today

1. CHORTAU Dual Dash Cam (Save $44.76)

If you need a dashcam and want to get almost a 50% deal from Amazon, this car gadget is a good buy. Both front camera and waterproof rear camera are equipped with 1080P resolution.

The main reason to buy this dash cam, the first item on our list of Amazon deals, is its 6 pcs IR LED and Wide Dynamic Range. This ensures your front camera can clearly capture the license plates and road signs. You will surely get the best footage.

With the camera feature of a wide-angle front of 170 degrees plus 130 of rear cam, you do not have to worry about having blind spots.

2. P2 Triple Portable Monitor for Laptop Screen Extender (Save $90.84)

Having two or more screens or computer monitors (multi-mon) means increased productivity for most remote workers. If you want to check if having multi-mon makes a positive difference at work, try this P2 Triple Portable Monitor for Laptop Screen Extender. This gadget on our list of Amazon deals will give you an instant workstation by simply plugging the extender into your laptop.


  • Adjustable Bracket
  • 1080P Full HD Screens
  • Rotatable angle of 207°
  • Expands the work area by 300% instantly
  • More angle options

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3. Brim Conical Burr Coffee Grinder (Save $33.83)

Buying this from our list of Amazon deals gets you 34% saving since it is sold at $66.16 as of this writing. This is a good treat for coffee lovers out there. With this kitchen gadget, you get to “master the art of Barista coffee making at the comfort of your home.” You can make your own coffee like a true artisan.


  • Uniformly Grinds Beans for 1-17 Cups of Coffee
  • Removable Bean Container
  • 17 Precise Grind Size Settings
  • Convenient Auto Shut Off

4. USB Wall Charger Surge Protector (Save $7.00)

Coming in as one of the least expensive items on our list of Amazon deals is this charger surge protector outlet for all the gadgets with sensitive microprocessors we plug in at home or in the office. 


  • 9-in-1 Function USB Wall Outlet
  • USB-C Fast & Smart Charge
  • 3 complementary Surge Protection Circuits
  • RoHS, FCC, and ETL Certificates

5. Vanzon Climber-Z Bluetooth Speaker (Save $75.43)

Perfect for our list of Amazon deals at $50.56 from the list price of $125.99, you get 60% savings when you buy this gadget today. This amazing speaker produces full stereo sound. It’s perfect for your outdoor activities like camping, boating, picnics, and more.


  • 30W Superior Sound
  • Super Powerful Bass
  • With IPX7-rated structural waterproofing
  • Connect 200+ identical speakers with a fast connection
  • Flexible Settings
  • Portable design

If you’re having problems with charging your security cameras or wires running across your home, this next item on our list of Amazon deals, the Blink Outdoor HD smart security camera with a solar panel charging mount, will solve all that.

So easy to install. Just place it where there’s sufficient sunlight. connect Blink to Wifi then follow the instructions on the app and enjoy. 


  • Wire-free
  • Charges your camera during the day with the solar panel
  • Customized your motion detection zones and received motion detection alerts 
  • Infrared night vision
  • Two-way audio

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7. Amazon Eero Pro 6 Tri-Band Mesh WI-FI 6 System (Save $46.00)

Tired of dead spots and buffering in certain areas of your home? It can keep you trapped in a specific spot all the time and can become a bore.

Worry no more! The eero Pro 6 system spans up to 6,000 sq. ft. and is the quickest eero yet with support for gigabit speed. You can even connect and control at least 75 compatible devices using Alexa with the Zigbee smart hub

This gadget on our list of Amazon deals is also a great way to keep your outdoor smart cameras connected so you won’t miss a thing. 

8. VIZIO 65-Inch V-Series 4K UHD LED HDR Smart TV (Save $103.99)

Nothing beats putting your feet up, drinking a cold beverage, and watching your favorite show on TV. What more if it’s in 4K Ultra High Definition? All 65 inches of it! Ahhh, what a way to reward yourself.

Watch high dynamic range content and remotely control your Smart TV using your voice since it’s compatible with Alexa. You are sure to enjoy this addition to our list of Amazon deals.

Just don’t overdo it and remember to get some sleep when you need to.

9. Wacom Intuos Wireless Graphics Drawing Tablet for Mac (Save $100.00)

You might want to explore your creative juices and start expressing them into drawings with the Wacom Intuos drawing tablet. Be it for work or just a hobby just connect it to your laptop or android gadget and you’re good to go. 

Wacom will even give you a 2-year license for Clip Studio paint pro and 90-day trials for both Corel Aftershot 3 and Corel Painter Essentials 6, which is another reason it made our list of Amazon deals.


  • Compatible with PC (Windows 7 and above), Mac (OS X 10.10 and above), Android smartphones/ tablets (OS version 6.0 or later), and  Chromebook (devices running the latest Chrome OS)
  • In practically any software program, a graphic drawing tablet with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity  this gadget provides, will give you control and accuracy while sketching, painting, and photo-editing.

10. COMSOON Bluetooth AUX Adapter (Save $2.10)

It gets annoying having to connect and disconnect your smartphone every time you hop into your car. Say goodbye to that with the COMSOON Bluetooth AUX Adapter

Rounding out our list of Amazon deals, this device automatically connects to your phone as soon as you start the engine or when you’re in wireless range. It has a noise-canceling function, 12 hours of battery life, and the latest Bluetooth 5 technology for a more stable connection.

The gadgets we have lined up for you are but a shortlist of the top trending products for January 2022. The list may be short but it covers a lot of ground when it comes to convenience and moving towards making your life a SMART one. 

Do you have a product in mind that we should have included in this list? Let us know in the comments section below.