VCR’s future fuzzy in high definition world

Q: Will my VCR still work when we go to high definition?

VCRA: The answer to this one is yes, no, and it depends. Let’s breakdown each answer.

Yes, your VCR will still allow you to view your videotapes on your high definition television. However, unless you use one of the stretch modes on your high definition television, you may have to put up with black bars on the left and right of the picture, referred to as pillar box.

No, your VCR will not be able to record over-the-air channels, such as your local network affiliates, once the switch-over to high definition is complete. This is because your VCR will not be able to decode, or understand, the new high definition signal it is receiving.

And lastly, it depends. If you have cable, satellite or one of the soon-to-be-here converter boxes, you may be able to connect your VCR to the cable or satellite receiver or converter box and record the signal coming out of that device. It won’t be in high definition but it may be good enough for some noobies.

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