Verizon Technical Support: Contact Information Cheatsheet

line phone operators with headsets | Verizon Technical Support: Contact Information Cheatsheet | Verizon Technical Support | Verizon Wireless | FeaturedWhen you need help from Verizon technical support, you can do so through various methods. The telecom offers several ways for you to contact them with your specific needs. Whether you need help with your Wireless, Internet, home phone, or even business needs, you can contact Verizon tech support through these ways.

Verizon Technical Support Contacts To Remember

1. Verizon Wireless Support

If you have problems with your phone, you don’t have to panic. Verizon’s tech support team is ready to assist you with your needs. You can go to the support page online and choose the service you need help with.

If you need more help and would like to talk to a specialist, check out the numbers below.

You can also direct dial *611 from your mobile phone for customer support.

2. Residential Services Support

Verizon also caters to your family’s needs with its residential services. Should you encounter problems with Verizon Fios service for your TV, Internet, or home phone, visit the support page for assistance.

The site can help you with simple issues with your Internet such as:

You can also do some simple troubleshooting for problems with your Fios TV like:

Need help with your home phone as well? These links can help you with your home phone needs including:

If all of your Fios services are down, you can visit this page for troubleshooting.

3. Business Support

Businesses need to have uninterrupted Internet and communication services to work properly. If you’re using Verizon for your business, contact 800-526-3178 for your troubleshooting needs. Send your message here if you prefer to send an email instead of talking to a Verizon technical support specialist.

4. My Verizon

Calling the Verizon hotline everytime you have questions can be quite a hassle. Sign up for My Verizon to make checking, paying, and monitoring your bills easier. Troubleshooting will also be easier when you use your My Verizon account.

5. Verizon Forums

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Other people may have encountered the same problem as you. Instead of calling Verizon right away, you may want to see if other users solved these problems on their own. Get some insights and tips from other Verizon users through these online forums. Just choose your topic from the list and start sharing your experiences with people.

6. Social Media

Practically anyone can be reached through social media today. In the same way, Verizon can be reached through Facebook Messenger and Twitter. You just have to post a message and a Verizon expert will answer your query as soon as possible.

7. Orders

If you posted an order to Verizon and would like to know the status, you can do so online. Check your order status here using your confirmation number. You can also check your rebate and trade-in status there.

8. Live Chat

Talk to a Verizon representative by calling 800-255-5499. You can also enter your information here to have a rep respond to your needs. Just input your name, phone number, and choose your concern in the dropdown.

9. Store Locator

Some people prefer talking to Verizon technical support face-to-face. It’s a good thing the telecom company has several physical stores around the US. Visit the Verizon store closest to you if you want to talk to a representative in person.


Learn more about Verizon Wireless with this Q&A with Ronan Dunne below:

Thanks to technology, you have several options available to contact the Verizon technical support team to address your concerns. Issues with your Internet, TV, and wireless phone can be addressed through phone calls, live chats, emails, and even social media.

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