Waze adds roundabout 6 days after it opens

Roundabout added to Waze maps

It’s no secret that Waze is my favorite GPS navigation app on my smartphone. Not only does it provide great directions, but it also routes around accidents and slow-downs in real-time and informs me of where the police are hiding (not that I would need this… wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

But here’s something else it does that’s pretty awesome as well. It updates itself according to road changes. Here’s an example. Over the past two months, an intersection near me was converted to a brand new roundabout.

Being the curious tech guy that I am, I wondered how long it would take for Waze to show a roundabout on the map instead of the old intersection. The answer was exactly six days.

I know I have someone to thank for this, I just don’t know who. You see, Waze lets some of its own users update the maps. Which means someone—presumably who lives near me—was kind enough to update the intersection on the map to a roundabout. So, whoever you are, thank you fellow Wazer!