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1. 10 Helpful iPhone Apps for First Time Users

Looking for the best iPhone apps to download on your new cell phone? With hundreds of apps available for download from the Apple app store, it’s important to trim down your choices to the most useful ones. Another thing to remember is that there are certain apps that work well on android but not on iOS platform. So check out these 10 iPhone apps that will definitely be useful to you, given their functionality. Plus, they’re absolutely free to download! Click to read more

2. Instagram The Worst Social Media Platform For Mental Health?

Which social media platform is the worst for young people? That’s what the Royal Society for Public Health and Young Health Movement wanted everyone to know when they published #StatusOfMind, which examines the positive and negative effects of social media to the mental health of teens and young adults. According to this report, Instagram and Snapchat are apparently the most dangerous applications to one’s mental well-being. Find out more about the report from RSPH… Click to read more

3. 7 Social Media Apps Not Advisable For Teens

Study after study revealed how social media apps can influence bad behavior and habits, which begs the question for parents: are there apps that are not good for teens? The answer is yes. In fact, some of them are the most popular social media apps! Knowing what they are is one of the key steps to keeping your children safe while using their mobile devices. Here are 7 apps not fit for the social media generation… Click to read more

4. 9 Free Word Processing Programs You Should Definitely Try

A PC or a laptop without word processing programs is incomplete, but these types of software can be costly. Microsoft Word, which is the most popular of them all, is around $109.99 for the 2016 version. Although it’s compatible with the newest and later Microsoft versions, you can install it only on one PC! So, if you’re looking for alternative word processors that cost the least, then this article is for you. These are the best free word processing programs available… Click to read more

5. How Does Dropbox Work?

Do you ever wonder how Dropbox works? You’re not alone. But you’re also lucky because this post will teach you how to upload files to Dropbox and other basic tasks. You will also know why it’s the best way to share pictures! By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll find a newfound appreciation for this amazing cloud storage platform… Click to read more

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