Welcome noobies!

Welcome to my “What’s Noo?” blog! My name is Patric Welch and I am President of Noobie, Inc., located in Indianapolis. Noobie, Inc. was founded in 2006 and is home to Noobie Magazine, Noobie Education and Noobie Consulting. Noobie, Inc. specializes in educating and assisting “noobies” through informative articles, continuing education classes and hands-on consulting.

What is a noobie? A noobie is a new or inexperienced user of technology. More experienced/knowledgeable people use it in purposes of negative reinforcement, urging “noobies” to learn more about the field or area in question. That last bit is what Noobie, Inc. is all about!

I will be using this blog space to keep “noobies” informed on recent developments in technology and how they apply specifically to “noobies”. No over-the-head tech-talk. Just simple language that everyone can understand. I’ll tell you what new technology is coming, what practical applications it has, and most importantly, how easy or difficult it will be for “noobies” to adapt to the new technology.

You can find Noobie on the web at https://noobie.com/. Or feel free to contact me at [email protected].